Academy of Dentistry International Fellow, Dr. Don Shaw Has a Wake Up Call For The Sleep Deprived.

Dr. Don Shaw, partner and co-owner of Bess & Shaw Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, writes about the multitude of dangers to not only those who suffer from sleep apnea and sleep deprivation but to others who could potentially be harmed in their environment.

Beaumont, TX, February 16, 2016: Co-owner and partner of Bess & Shaw Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Don Shaw, DDS posted a new article on his website entitled, Wake Up to The Life Threatening Dangers of Lack of Sleep and Sleep Apnea. According to Dr. Shaw, “Various medical disciplines are become more aware of the dangers of lack of sleep and sleep apnea. Psychologists, dentists, eye doctors and cardiologists among others are studying Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).” He continues adding, “They are reaching the same conclusion. Lack of sleep and Sleep Apnea are life threatening and harmful to all body parts.”

don shaw“For instance,” writes Shaw, “a recent article on had this to say about sleep deprivation. “If a person sleeps four out of every 24 hours, after about a week of this minimal sleep schedule their brain responds as though they had been up all night. The impairment has accumulated. Even if they sleep six hours a night, after about two weeks, their brain reacts as if they hadn’t slept at all. They have micro-sleeps and lapses, which are dangerous because if a person falls asleep for just one second while driving 60 miles per hour, the vehicle will have traveled 88 feet in one second. And, when that person awakens, their reaction time may be very slow.” (

Shaw states, “Many dentists have been alert to the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea for quite some time. In fact, there is a new specialty among dentists called “sleep dentistry.” Dentists are often the first to recognize that a patient may be suffering from sleep apnea and lack of sleep is one of the main signs. The symptoms of lack of sleep manifest as snoring, cranky behavior, dozing off during the day in the midst of school or work and others.”

“Besides the obvious dangers to oneself and others,” Shaw writes, “it turns out that lack of sleep can also cause weight gain.” He continues, “And we all know that weight gain can cause heart disease.”

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About Dr. Shaw

Dr. Don Shaw graduated from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in 1981. Prior to dental school he attended Texas A&M univ. and Angelo State University.  Dr. Shaw has been practicing general dentistry and orthodontics for 34 years. He has been in the Beaumont area for the last 13 yrs. Since he began practicing dentistry Dr. Shaw has kept up to date in all areas of continuing education.

He has a passion for mission dentistry, serving in Peru and throughout Mexico. Dr. Shaw is a member of state and national dental organizations and has served as a delegate to the Texas Dental Association, Peer Review Chairman, and a board member of the Dental Society of Southeast Texas.  In 2008 he was inducted as a Fellow of the Academy of Dentistry International for the advancement of dentistry worldwide. He has been married to his wife Peggy for 41 yrs. and has two grown children and two grandchildren.

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