Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Verne Weisberg Says The Vectra 3D Imaging System is The New Crystal Ball

Dr. Verne Weisberg, founder and owner of The Plastic Surgery Center gives patients the ability to see their future selves and gain complete confidence in cosmetic procedures with Vectra 3D Imaging Consultations.

Portland, ME, December 16, 2014: Owner and Founder of The Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Verne Weisberg posted a new article on his website entitled, “See The Future You with Vectra 3D Imaging.” It’s so much easier to make things happen when we can see them. That is an ability that is now possible in the world of cosmetic surgery making it easier for many previously tentative people to schedule procedures.

As Dr. Weisberg writes in his latest article, “Technology has given birth to an amazing way to see the future and build the confidence many people need for cosmetic procedures. That’s why we at the Plastic Surgery Center along with a growing number of plastic surgeons are offering Vectra 3D Imaging consultations.” When it comes to looking good, people want to be reassured. According to Weisberg, Vectra 3D Imaging provides that reassurance saying, “In our world, it’s better than a crystal ball. In fact, you could say it is the new crystal ball.”

Previous imaging systems almost seem archaic in light of what Vectra 3D Imaging offers. As Wesiberg describes it, “Vectra 3D Imaging offers a true-to-life representation of the final outcome of whatever procedure you desire, surgical and non-surgical.  Through high-resolution three-dimensional photography, you will see the post procedural results on your own face and body.”

Weisberg adds, “Whether your dream is to have a smaller or straighter nose, a neck lift or a chin implant, a full facelift, breast reduction or augmentation, tummy tuck or buttock lift, you name it, you can see the results of every procedure on your own face and/or body.”  He emphasizes, “Then it’s much easier to feel the magic of looking and feeling your best.”

Apparently there are many people who are tentative about non-surgical procedures too. Weisberg offers them consolations also, saying, “Vectra 3D Imaging is equally amazing for non-surgical procedures like Botox®. The photography is razor sharp, showing the finest details. The surgeon can show you precisely where the injections will be and exactly how smooth and tight your skin will be.”

Weisberg knows how important it is for anyone considering a cosmetic procedure to feel confident in the postoperative results.  He asks his readers, “Can you imagine feeling absolutely confident in your own skin?” He goes on to add, “The dream of sculpting the face and or body to an image that will make your heart sing is closer than ever.”  “Never before,” says Weisberg,  “has there been a system so accurate, so precise, so individual. When you can clearly see the ‘you’ that you’ve been dreaming of, then you can turn your attention to dreaming about and envisioning the details of what your life will be like and how you will feel when you are at your very best.”

The entire article can be found here.

About Dr. Weisberg

Dr. Verne Weisberg is board certified with two surgical specialties. His first board certification is in otolaryngology (ENT), after three years of training at the prestigious Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Weisberg was then privileged to complete his plastic surgical residency at Yale University, after which he was invited to join the faculty. While a resident at Yale, Dr. Weisberg spent several months at New York University Medical Center and Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital where he studied aesthetic surgery. In 1987, Dr. Weisberg was appointed Assistant Professor of Surgery (Plastic) by Yale University, where he taught the general surgery and plastic surgery residents. During that time, he developed a love for clinical practice and cosmetic surgery, especially after having developed the first university-based aesthetic surgery practice on his own.

For more than 26 years, Dr. Weisberg has developed the premier Aesthetic Surgical Practice in northern New England. As a double-boarded surgeon, he is uniquely trained in all aspects of facial plastic surgery with a special interest in rhinoplasty, both primary and revisional, as well as face-lifting. Dr. Weisberg enjoys performing the full variety of aesthetic plastic surgery, especially body contouring after weight loss as well as breast augmentation and lifting. Dr. Weisberg has been a pioneer in limited incisional surgery

for reducing breasts, and has introduced cutting edge procedures and has written many articles on advanced techniques in aesthetic and cosmetic surgery.

About The Plastic Surgery Center

The Plastic Surgery Center is a certified surgical facility, AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc.) where we offer you a comfortable and relaxed setting with state-of-the-art technology in cosmetic surgery

We have a highly experienced and professional staff who will help make your time with us a positive experience from the initial consult with Dr. Weisberg and our Patient Care Coordinator, to surgery and then after care. We believe that each person is an individual with unique needs. To meet those needs we are committed to providing and maintaining unparalleled standards of care, excellence, quality, and above all, compassion. Our goal is to help people feel good about themselves by bringing out the beauty that’s been there all along.


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