Business Coach and Author, Ahmed Abdulbaqi, Continues His Step-By-Step Guide Through The Chaos Stage Of Business

Best-selling Author and Business Coach, Ahmed Abdulbaqi, reminds readers that the early stages of business are just that – stages, advising business owners to keep moving forward rather than give up.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – May 1, 2018 – Ahmed Abdulbaqi, The Growth Coach franchise owner, and co-author of The Art Of Success with Jack Canfield, posted a new article on his company website entitled “Step-By-Step To Power – The Chaos Stage.” Mr. Abdulbaqi acknowledges this is a stage that makes many new business owners walk away.

Ahmed AbdulbaqiAdbulbaqi writes, “You have been working hard and now, finally, your income is equal to your total expenses. At the same time,” he adds, “you are discovering that even though you are going the extra mile for all of your clients, some of them are not happy while others are complimenting you 100%.” Abdulbaqi assures readers, “This is to be expected in the chaos stage of your new business.”

“Without question, your life is becoming more, not less hectic,” say Abdulbaqi. He continues adding, “You are probably asking yourself a series of questions such as, ‘Is this what freedom looks like? Is this why I went out on my own? What do I do now?” You may even say to yourself, ‘It’s not fun being my own boss’.”

According to Abdulbaqi, “It is not fun at this stage. People don’t typically go into business for “fun”,” he adds. “Having a business, particularly a successful one is a privilege that comes with a fairly high cost in the beginning,” says Abdulbaqi. He elaborates further, “The ultimate cost of attaining the freedom afforded by establishing a successful business is that of ‘integrated development’. This path of freedom can only be successfully tread by those who are willing to take full responsibility for their actions and getting to their destinations.”

“Your current position is not the end point of your journey,” Abdulbaqi assures his readers. “It is merely a step in the process,” he adds. “ You can choose to quit now, or you can move forward and learn to get yourself out of chaotic thoughts.”

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About Ahmed Abdulbaqi

Ahmed always wanted to be a leader. From his early dreams of being a ship captain to a 13-year career as a pilot and experience as a business owner, Ahmed found himself striving for a career that would allow him to be part of a team while taking the initiative toward success. The Growth Coach Franchise delivered precisely the opportunity Ahmed was looking for. His current mission is to inspire business owners in creating Abundance.

Since Ahmed’s previous experience taught him what works and what doesn’t in the Middle East, he quickly recognized the brilliance of The Growth Coach proven process and system. By 2013, Ahmed signed with The Growth Coach and became a franchise owner serving the small business owner market in the Middle East with a focus in Saudi Arabia.

Ahmed’s mission is to partner with winners throughout their journey in achieving success and fulfillment. In addition to owning his own Growth Coach franchise, Ahmed has also co-authored The Art Of Success with Jack Canfield

Before becoming a Growth Coach, Ahmed led a flight crew as pilot, studied finance and investing, and owned his own business-consulting firm in Saudi Arabia. As a Growth Coach, Ahmed’s priority is on helping business leaders achieve success in business and balance in life.

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The Growth Coach is the only pure business and sales coaching franchise dedicated to helping business owners, managers, management teams, sales professionals and others to find success in business and balance in life. In today’s environment, with job instability and the huge desire for entrepreneurship, small business owners find themselves trapped in their technical mindset leading them to confusion and stagnancy in both business and life. They need a platform and an environment where they can develop their strategic business owner mindset.

We have created an environment for small business owners to develop and grow using proven processes. This environment touches on many facets, both business and personal; facets such as personal development, success processes, financial intelligence, operational intelligence, and marketing intelligence. Our proven coaching process helps the small business owner adopt a “big picture” mentality.