Business Coach and Author, Ahmed Abdulbaqi, Helps Owners Develop Winning Strategies

Best-selling Author and Business Coach, Ahmed Abdulbaqi, begins a two-part series helping business owners establish the habit of developing winning strategies for their businesses.

Jedda, Saudi Arabia – November 14, 2017 – Ahmed Abdulbaqi, The Growth Coach franchise owner, and co-author of The Art Of Success with Jack Canfield, posted a new article on his company website entitled “How To Develop A Winning Business Strategy: Part 1,” in which Mr. Abdulbaqi guides business owners through the first step of a simple process.

Ahmed AbdulbaqiAbdulbaqi states, “Building a business as an asset is not a technical job. It is a strategic one that requires a strategic mindset, attitude and subsequent behaviors.” He continues adding, “Getting to the best business strategy is not something that every business owner is in the habit of doing. It is a lot easier to focus day-to-day tedious tactics rather than the overall strategy.” “So being strategic,” says Abdulbaqi, “requires a shift in focus from the details to the big picture or the overview.”

As Abdulbaqi points out, “If you know who you are, meaning your objective for wanting to be in business in the first place, what your product or service is and what your current ultimate destination is, getting to a strategy should not be a very time consuming activity.” He adds, “Following a simple process will get you right to the point without wasting time, effort and/or money on trivial activities.”

According to Abdulbaqi, “The process begins with a vision.”

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About Ahmed Abdulbaqi

Ahmed always wanted to be a leader. From his early dreams of being a ship captain to a 13-year career as a pilot and experience as a business owner, Ahmed found himself striving for a career that would allow him to be part of a team while taking the initiative toward success. The Growth Coach Franchise delivered precisely the opportunity Ahmed was looking for. His current mission is to inspire business owners in creating Abundance.

Ahmed says, “Coaching allows me to express my natural talents to motivate and inspire people to do what they want to do and to achieve their goals and dreams. Coaching is my passion. It connects me with people in a way that is constructive to both of us. My mission is to partner with winners throughout their journey in achieving success and fulfillment.” In addition to owning his own Growth Coach franchise, Ahmed has also co-authored The Art Of Success with Jack Canfield

Before becoming a Growth Coach, Ahmed led a flight crew as pilot, studied finance and investing, and owned his own business-consulting firm in Saudi Arabia. As a Growth Coach Ahmed’s priority is on helping business leaders find more time for life.

About The Growth Coach

The Growth Coach is the only pure business and sales coaching franchise dedicated to helping business owners, managers, management teams, sales professionals and others to find success in business and balance in life. As certified business coaches, we’re committed to helping you discover better ways to manage your business and life by guiding you through our unique, on-going Strategic Mindset® business coaching process. Our goal is to help people and businesses find their “Why”.

Our proven coaching process helps you adopt a “big picture” mentality by forcing you to slow down, face reality, and map out a course of action to achieve your goals. Most importantly, we provide on-going accountability to keep you on track and produce lasting results.