Certified Income Specialist & Registered Investment Advisor, Michael Niemczyk Releases New Retirement Planning Book


President of MLN Retirement Planning, Michael Niemczyk, IAR, CIS releases new book revealing the best strategies to help readers live the life they have always envisioned – without risk of running out of money.

Grayslake, IL. November 7, 2019: Michael Niemczyk, CIS, IAR and President of MLN Retirement Planning has recently released a new book entitled Will You Run Out of Money Before You Run Out of Life? : Planning and Strategy for a Sound Financial Future which addresses the strategies necessary for achieving financial security in retirement.

Niemczyk describes his inspiration to write the book with the following, “It starts with my mother and father. They were hardworking, blue collar individuals squeezing every penny to try and accumulate something that would allow both of them to enjoy the later years of life without the gnawing anxiety of, “Do we have enough?””

Niemczyk continues, “Nearly 25 years ago, my mother and father got a phone call from their investment advisor. They had just learned that they had lost it all. This made such an impression on me, that I directed all my energies towards understanding the business of finance, investments, and how to protect this from happening to others.”

Niemczyk goes on to explain, “Over the past 19 years, nothing gives me and my team greater joy and satisfaction than meeting with a client who entrusts our firm with their life’s work. I can confidently look them in the eye and know that they will not be placed in the same situation that my parents were. Our clients are like family to us. We do get to know them and their families, understand what their needs are, what their goals are, and it’s so fulfilling to watch them reach that vision of what life should be in retirement and play such a large role in that process.”

Will You Run Out of Money Before You Run Out of Life?The book, released on July 15, 2019 has been hailed as a “must-read” for anyone serious about protecting their lifestyle in retirement as it aims to teach readers how to create a lifetime income stream.

Our parents and grandparents were concerned with dying too early in retirement—now that fear has been replaced with living too long, teeing up the question, “Will you run out of money before you run out of life?”

This book provides insight into the vast world of financial planning, as well as pitfalls to avoid and questions to ask those who are handling your money.

It will provide ideas on how to properly grow your money, while also identifying the fees you are paying. Learn what to be aware of when passing your assets on to loved ones and how to ensure they go where you intended them to go. Ideas and proven strategies to help make your retirement a success!

Get your copy of Will You Run Out of Money Before You Run Out of Life? HERE

About Michael Niemczyk

President of MLN Retirement Planning and Founder of United Tax Advisory, Michael Niemczyk has almost two decades of experience in the financial industry He holds the Certified Income Specialist (CIS) professional designation and is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in Illinois and Wisconsin. He has hand-selected a team of professionals to design, implement, and manage retirement plans for individuals, families and corporations.

He has been heard as a financial professional on the following radio stations: 1220 WKRS, 1050 WLIP, 780 WBBM and 720 WGN. MLN Retirement Planning has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and Michael has been featured in Financial Advisor Magazine, the Northwestern University School of Journalism and The New Retirement Magazine. Mike has sat
on Advisory Boards responsible for training over 2000 Advisors during his career.

Michael has helped hundreds of clients reduce unnecessary income taxes, social security taxes, and estate taxes. Michael has been a Lake County resident for over 40 years. He and his wife Leah have 2 children Mikey and Ella.

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(844) 801-1860

About MLN Retirement Planning:

MLN Retirement Planning, Inc. is a Boutique Planning Firm that partners with well-organized financial institutions, banks and insurance companies. This allows for customized investment strategies and retirement plans, which may not be available through a bank, an employer or a franchise-based advisor or firm.

They proudly serve Illinois and Wisconsin by offering the following services:

  • Eliminate or reduce taxes on IRA Distributions.
  • Protect your IRA to your children from lawsuits | divorce settlements.
  • How to take advantage of the Pension Protection Act (Public-Law 109-280) – creating tax-free income for health care.
  • Create income for life.
  • Protection from Probate.
  • How to reposition taxable to tax free extended care.

They not only help families and individuals with their financial awareness but also maintain a heavy community involvement.

Each and every month MLN Retirement Planning, Inc. hosts fundraisers for American Cancer Society, Alzheimer’s Association, Make a Wish Foundation as well as many other charitable organizations. These fundraising events consist of a 2-day Retirement and Tax Planning Course held at local colleges such as: College of Lake County (Grayslake), Harper College (Palatine), and University of Wisconsin (Kenosha).

100% of the tuition proceeds are donated to the one of the above charities. So far this year MLN Retirement Planning has raised over $34,000 for American Cancer Society and over $7,000 for Alzheimer’s.

Learn More at www.mlnrp.com

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