Direct Response Marketing Expert, Andrew Cass Advises Business Owners Not to Miss the MobileNet Wave

Andrew Cass, Co-founder and President of RemarkaMobile, says the old Internet is well past its prime while the new MobileNet is a tsunami wave of fortune for those who see the potential.

Miami, FL, November 26, 2014: Co-founder and President of RemarkaMobile, Andrew Cass, nationally recognized expert on Direct Response Marketing, has posted a new blog on the RemarkaMobile website entitled,Are you focusing on the old Internet instead of the new MobileNet? While it seems hard to miss, some business owners just don’t see the money shifting from the Internet to the MobileNet. Andrew Cass is doing everything he can to help direct business to the opportunities that exist in MobileNet.

Andrew CassCass says, “The MobileNet is the new wave, and it’s like a tsunami wave of fortune for those who see the potential. It’s hard to believe that there are business owners who do not see it though and continue to ignore the massive shift to the MobileNet.”

Using a model most business owners understand, direct mail, Cass gives an example of the power of the MobileNet. Cass writes, “Imagine sending a direct mail campaign via regular mail to 1000 prospects. Imagine 990 of those prospects opened and read your campaign within 5 minutes of receiving it. Now imagine that 900 of those recipients responded to your offer within 90 seconds of having read it. That would be phenomenal, right? Well, that’s what is happening as the world shifts to SMS text marketing and doing business on the  MobileNet, which is why building your mobile list is so important.”

No doubt some skeptics will miss the opportunities, despite the fact that Cass makes every effort to get them on board before it’s too late. He encourages everyone, no matter what business they are in “You owe it to yourself to build your mobile list and get on the MobileNet wave as fast as you can. Because, believe me, this is one wave you do not want to miss!”

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