Direct Response Marketing Expert, Andrew Cass Says Businesses are Gearing Up as the Move to Mobile Builds

Andrew Cass, Co-founder and President of RemarkaMobile, says businesses of every size are working feverishly to enhance the effectiveness of mobile communications no matter what device is being used.

Miami, FL, December 30, 2014: Co-founder and President of RemarkaMobile, Andrew Cass, nationally recognized expert on Direct Response Marketing, has posted a new blog on the RemarkaMobile website entitled, “The Wave Is Building With Mobile Optimization Trending.” Mobile communication, specifically texting gave birth to the word “trending”. And, as Andrew Cass writes in his most recent blog, “Enhancing the effectiveness of mobile communication, no matter what device is being used is the focal point of corporations and businesses of every size and shape this year. At least it should be.”

Mobile communication is here to stay, and according to Cass, “If your business is not doing everything to optimize mobile either by creating an easy to navigate website from any device or building relationships that give you the ability to communicate via SMS Text Marketing, you may find yourself scrambling to play catch up and it may be too late.” Not only is mobile where the smart money is being poured into, all eyes are on mobile devices.

Cass has plenty of company in the mobile message. As he says, “All the experts with their finger on the pulse of this emerging medium are shouting the same message loud and clear. For instance, Leads 360 a market leader in sales automation solutions announced research findings that reveal conversion gains as high as 328% among sales organizations that implement an effective text messaging strategy.”

He then turns to Forbes, saying, “In addition, according to an online Forbes article, Top 7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2015, “Mobile Optimization will become more important than ever.”The author continues saying, “I predict that the latter half of 2015 will see many businesses finally incorporating mobile into all areas of their digital marketing: a fully responsive website, mobile ads, and separate content specifically for mobile website users. Businesses will also begin to realize the necessity of having a mobile social media strategy that considers how mobile users consume and interact with social media posts.”

Cass encourages, “Don’t wait another minute to jump in.”

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