Dr. Darold Opp Reviews an Exciting Free Marketing Tool That Can Enhance Dental Practices in Many Ways

Dr. Darold Opp, founder of Advanced Family Dentistry and SmilePalooza! shares information about Google Hangouts as a marketing method to connect with patiens, staff and vendors and build lasting relationships.

ABERDEEN, SD – July 9, 2015 – Dr. Darold Opp, DDS, founder of Advanced Family Dentistry and SmilePalooza!, recently posted a new article on his website entitled “A New Tool To Take Your Dental Practice Marketing Out of the Box.” Dr. Opp says that Google Hangouts are right up his alley.

Darold OppOpp writes, “I am all about non-traditional marketing methods. Free marketing really appeals to me. I think it does to any dentist or business for that matter. My SmilePalooza Events are proof of that. Each event garners free local publicity for days and sometimes weeks before and after each event.”

It would only seem natural then that as Opp says, “So, a recent article in Dentistry IQ about Google Hangouts as a free marketing method caught my attention. What appeals to me about the Google Hangout is being able to connect with people without having to be where they are.” Quoting from the article Opp writes, “As the article states, “A Google Hangout gives you the opportunity to virtually connect with up to 150 people at the same time, or up to 10 people over video calls. The Google Hangout interaction occurs in a virtual room where participants can choose to meet via video, audio, or simply through text. It also allows you to share YouTube videos during the meeting. You can launch your own Hangout or join an existing one. If you start your own Hangout, you can invite selected people to be a part of the meeting, or you can make it a public event.”

The entire article can be found at http://www.smilepalooza.com/a-new-tool-to-take-your-dental-practice-marketing-out-of-the-box/

To learn more about Dr. Opp and SmilePalooza! visit www.smile-palooza.com

About Dr. Opp and SmilePalooza!

Dr. Darold Opp has been a practicing dentist for 30 years and is in the top one-percent net income bracket of dentists in America.  He was one of three finalists for the Marketer of the Year, an international competition held in Dallas, Texas, where he shared the stage with Dan Kennedy, recognized as the “World’s Greatest Marketer and Millionaire Maker”. Dr. Opp is the recipient of several awards for community involvement. He created SmilePalooza! as a way to give back to his patients and the community. SmilePalooza! has turned out to be an extraordinary marketing tool for the dental profession.

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