Dr. David Seaman, Speaks at High Point University

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Dr. David Seaman recently spoke at High Point University as a part of the Success Live® Tour. 

Daytona Beach, FL– December 3, 2018 – Dr. David Seaman, recently spoke at High Point University as a featured speaker and member of the Success Live® Tour where he shared his biggest lessons on life and business to a room of entrepreneurial students as well as his fellow Success Live® Tour peers.

The Success Live® Tour includes a group of speakers in various industries who will travel across the country sharing their life lessons and insights on how to achieve success to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. The next stop of the tour will be Success Live® on Broadway in NYC where Seaman will take the stage on Broadway, in the heart of New York City. On this official Broadway stage, he will present his story and powerful insights.

Seaman will then travel to Hollywood, CA for the last stop of the tour at the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers® ThoughtLeader® Summit where he will present his best tips and insights to help others in their own lives and businesses and will speak amongst an audience of his peers, other experts, and ThoughtLeaders®.

About David Seaman

Dr. David Seaman has been writing about chronic inflammation for 25 years. He wrote the first published scientific article about how diet can induce inflammation and promote pain. His articles about pain, inflammation, diet, and obesity have been referenced by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Harvard Medical School and many other universities in the United States, as well as universities in Canada, Brazil, Europe, Middle East, India, Australia, Russia, and other Asian countries.

In 2016, Dr. Seaman wrote a book for the general public entitled The DeFlame Diet. The focus of this book is how to measure and reduce chronic inflammation through dietary means. It is the most detailed book on this topic that is written for the general public. If you want a simple approach to diet, the DeFlame approach is the way to go.

In 2018, he published Weight Loss Secrets You Need To Know, which is available for .99 cents as Kindle book. This new book outlines the many societal, sensory, emotional, physiological, and primordial drives that promote weight gain and obesity. Without understanding the power of these non-food factors related to obesity, it is virtually impossible to management weight properly in the long term. Obesity is a health menace and this book offers a strategy for maintaining proper weight for a lifetime.



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