Homebuilder and Founder of Grizzly Homes, Inc., Adrian I. Dragoman, share the rise of Insulate Concrete Forms.

Springtown, TX – Mar 20, 2019 – Adrian Dragoman, Founder of Grizzly Homes, Inc. and co-author of the best-selling book, Cracking the Code to Success, recently posted a new blog on his website titled, “How Do Grizzly Homes Hold Up During Natural Disasters?,” In the blog, Dragoman explains how Grizzly Homes’ insulated concrete form houses are engineered from the ground up to you and your family from natural disasters like tornados and hurricanes.

Dragoman writes, “The home’s durability begins with deep, ground-reinforced concrete foundations. The walls are constructed from sturdy insulated concrete forms. The blocks are reinforced with steel rebar and then filled with concrete.

Experts in concrete construction take care to pour the concrete fill to avoid blowouts and eliminate air pockets. Sometimes called honeycombs, these pockets occur when the concrete is poured too quickly and can compromise the strength and integrity of the walls.

Grizzly Homes walls achieve an EF-5 tornado-proof rating, able to withstand 250 mph tornado winds.

He continues to explain how reinforced roofing ensures your home doesn’t lose its lid and impact-resistant windows and doors won’t send you running for shelter.

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About Adrian I. Dragoman:
Adrian I. Dragoman is a successful businessman in Romania. His company, Harris Enterprise has been awarded the title of “Number 1 Local Business” by the Chamber of Commerce of Sibiu. In 2015, his company was in third place for building, buying and selling real estate products by the National Council For Small And Medium Private Business of Romania.

By 2012, he was CEO, and 50% owner of Stabil SRL, which is a sales and rental company for construction equipment. Since 2012, he started Harris Enterprise SRL, a construction company and real estate business. He is also part owner of Sara Residence SRL, a real estate developer and investor company and part owner of Inteltipo SRL, a typography and publishing business.

In the USA, he is the owner of Grizzly Homes Inc., in Texas, and is the builder of the tornado and strong wind-proof homes.

In his personal life, Adrian Dragoman enjoys spending quality time with his wife and daughter. He has a strong desire to improve people’s lives and to build great relationships. His belief is, “with people for people.” This is a concept that offers fair values in all facets of life that include, but are not limited to, family, employees, business partners, and society. He encourages others to seek personal development and to help and encourage others by paying it forward and lead prosperous lives.
You can contact Adrian at:
• Mobile Phone: +40 741254070
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