Operation Ensuring Christmas Teams up with Dicks+Nanton Agency to Launch New Fundraiser for Children of Fallen US Troops

Posted by Lindsay Dicks on Dec 20th, 2007

Dicks+Nanton Agency, an Orlando, Fla. based Marketing, Media and Branding Agency, will assist with new fundraiser to help children of fallen

US Troops in 2008.

Orlando, Fla. – December 20, 2007- Founded in 2005, Operation Ensuring Christmas (OEC) supports children of fallen troops by providing both moral and financial support as well as Christmas gift cards for the children. This year, OEC has teamed up with Dicks+Nanton Agency of Orlando,

Fla. to help launch their new media project which will be their landmark fundraiser for 2008. The project will consist of a musical album and multi-media DVD that will help raise money to assist the kids. Continue Reading »

Bank of America Sponsors Real Estate Foreclosure Class

Posted by Lindsay Dicks on Dec 19th, 2007

Andy Tolbert’s real estate course, Foreclosure Feast, gains new national sponsor. 

Orlando, Fla. – December 19, 2007- Bank of America recently announced their sponsorship of Foreclosure Feast, a 3-hour continuing education course for real estate agents in

Florida, taught by real estate expert Andy Tolbert. This class helps real estate agents better understand today’s market and help clients who are involved in foreclosure. 

Attendees can expect to learn about ‘short sales,’ an option for people in foreclosure that owe more money on their house than what the market says it’s worth, as well as different strategies for buyers and sellers to decrease hassle and stress throughout the process.

“Everyone realizes the potential effects of the foreclosure situation in

Florida.  I think that a large institution like Bank of America sponsoring an educational event for the local real estate professionals shows a commitment to doing their part to help homeowners in every way possible,” Tolbert said.

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Andy Tolbert, Orlando Real Estate Foreclosure Expert, Featured Guest on National Radio Show

Posted by Lindsay Dicks on Dec 19th, 2007

Andy Tolbert was recently featured on America’s #1 weekend show, the JT Foxx Show.

Orlando, Fla. – December 19, 2007- Andy Tolbert was recently featured on the JT Foxx Show, a nationally broadcasted show on real world topics Americans are facing. Because of the direct and honest approach they take on the show, the JT Foxx Show has gained national recognition being compared to shows such as Bill O’Reilly and John Stewart.


Tolbert, rumored to be a recurring guest on the show, was questioned about Florida’s real estate market and the current foreclosure situation.


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Next Level Media Tapped to Lead Online Marketing Agency for Orlando, Fla. Inc. 500 Company

Posted by Lindsay Dicks on Dec 17th, 2007

Mercantile Commercial Capital selects Orlando based online marketing and media company, Next Level Media LLC, for web design, management and promotion.

Orlando, Fla. – December 17, 2007- Mercantile Commercial Capital, an Orlando, Fla. based commercial lender, recently named to the Inc. 500’s fastest growing company list, recently selected Next Level Media, an Orlando, Fla. based online marketing and public relations company, to help grow their online presence.

Next Level Media specializes in creating Online Marketing Platforms™ for businesses by using a proprietary a system of tools that turns web sites into sales and marketing platforms allowing their clients to leverage online content to create new income streams and maximize revenue.

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