Oklahoma Tax Attorney Rod Polston Is Taking a Personal Approach to Solving IRS Problems

Posted by admin on Mar 6th, 2012

Norman, OK – March 6, 2012 –  Rod Polston is a people person. In his line of work as a tax attorney, it’s an important trait. By the time many of his clients come to him, they are facing significant issues with the IRS. They are often overwhelmed and frightened.

“We care about solving clients’ problems and building long-term relationships,” says Rod. This is a very different mentality from many of the large, national chains that claim to solve IRS problems. “A lot of these chains do a horrific job handling people. They take people’s money and don’t really do anything for them.”

One of the biggest benefits of working with Rod and his staff is the fact that it’s a local firm. Clients are able to come into the office, sit down and meet face to face with their attorney. This is something that the national chains can’t offer— their customers will deal with a representative solely over the phone. More often than not, customers are not even dealing with the same representative each time they call.

A typical client of Rod’s owes back taxes or has unfiled returns with either the IRS or the state of Oklahoma. According to Rod, “Unresolved tax problems create other problems like their income being taken or their house being seized. We develop solutions around the problem. No two clients are the same and the solutions aren’t one size fits all. Sometimes there are multiple solutions and our job is to find the best solution that fits that person and their life.”

Rod says, “Once a problem is solved, we take measures to ensure that they don’t end up with another problem down the road. We create a plan to help them with their taxes and accounting.”

His natural communication abilities, combined with high integrity, lead to a productive relationship with local IRS and state of Oklahoma tax agency officers. Rod explains, “The agency representatives know when they deal with us that they’re going to be dealt with in an honest manner. We get significantly better results because of that.”

“We love solving problems. The whole staff gets excited when we close cases. We’re excited a lot. We’re really good at solving clients’ tax problems. I don’t say that arrogantly, I say that confidently.”

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