Transformation Specialist Ryan Toth Brings a Fitness Revolution to the Northeast

Posted by admin on Jul 11th, 2012

Sayreville, NJ – July 11, 2012 – Ryan Toth is creating a fitness revolution in the state of New Jersey.  Toth, owner of Total Core Fitness Boot Camp, has been responsible for introducing a new style of fitness training to his area that others have difficulty duplicating.  He refers to his unique facility as the “Anti-gym” because of the contrary philosophy when it comes to work out strategy and mindset.  Now with two locations in New Jersey’s Middlesex County, he refers to his boot camp experience as, “A fun workout with killer results” and has designed it for everyone at any fitness level and at any age.  Toth, a Certified Personal Trainer, is also certified in numerous other areas and is recognized as a Youth and Adolescent Fitness Trainer as well as a Core Functional Training Specialist.  He now has over four hundred clients who are experiencing transforming results through his unique and intense training style.  As a result, many now refer to him as a “Transformation Specialist.”

Toth’s business has experienced rapid growth over the past year.  Just sixteen months ago, he was the only trainer of fifty-five clients in one facility.  Today, he has well over four hundred clients, two facilities, and five employees.  Toth sees a very bright future ahead for his business.  He has his sights set on opening two more facilities at sometime in the future, one in North Jersey and one in South Jersey.  He is also planning to open an online training site for individuals that want to participate in his workout programs in their own home.

Toth also is working on developing a program in a niche market where no one else is participating, but details of that venture remain confidential at this point.  He is the co-author of the book, Fat Free Fitness Formula that will be released later this year.  Additionally, because of his contribution to his industry and the success of his business, he is being featured as one of America’s PremierExperts® Trendsetters in INC Magazine.  Additional information about Toth and the fitness revolution he has created throughout New Jersey via Total Core Fitness Boot Camp can be found at

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