Mike Testani Helps Kids Swing With Confidence As A Video Driven Baseball Hitting Instructor

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The Long Island Based Coach, Whose Trademarks Are Video Analysis and a Free Personal Hitting Evaluation, Was An All-Star, All American Hitter During His Eclectic College Career

Long Island, NY – July 23, 2014 – As Mike Testani embarks on his career as a private baseball hitting instructor, teaching kids from ages 10-21 the fundamentals of the correct swing, he looks back on his own extraordinary rollercoaster journey as a player, from his halcyon days as a little league star through an extraordinary career at three different colleges where he often hit better than 400.

Michael TestaniHe is a coach dedicated to helping his players develop their innate skills, their confidence level and ability to overcome setbacks while fostering their overall passion for the game. His ultimate aim: “to put the love of the game back inside of you and make the game of baseball fun again by making you a better hitter.” In doing so, he brings a dynamic history and an impressive array of accolades to each moment of instruction and every correction and adjustment.

In 2005, Testani started his college career at Cleveland State Community College, a top D-1 Junior College in Tennessee. In 2006, he was on the Nassau Community College All-Region 1st team. In 2007, one of his banner college years at Adelphi University, Testani was All-ECC 1st Team (East Coast Conference), an ECAC All-Star (Eastern College Athletic Conference), a member of the Northeast Regional All-Tournament Team and the ABCA (American Baseball Coaches Association) All-Northeast Region 1st Team. He was also the ECC (East Coast Conference) Player of the Year, an ACBL (Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League) All-Star Selection and an NCBWA (National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association) All-American.

All those distinctions were made possible by a key moment that changed his entire playing career – and now drives him to excellence as an instructor. That key moment was the use of video analysis.

Like a lot of former little league standouts daunted by increasingly talented players and higher levels of competition as they continue playing in their teens, Testani realized in high school that everything that had worked for him as a top little leaguer just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

The Queens, New York native, who moved with his family to Long Island, played the first of five years with an elite New York based summer travel team named the Bayside Yankees when he was 14. Though he was good enough from ages 16-18 to play center field on the squad’s A Team with top regional players and from around the country, he was mostly lauded for his defensive skills in centerfield and admits he was lacking as a hitter.

The summer before Testani’s freshman year of college, a player on his team who’d been drafted by the New York Yankees in the first round of the Major League Baseball draft recommended a new hitting instructor to Testani. Motivated by his desire to seek opportunities to play at the college level, he decided to give it a shot.

Because of the difference it made in his swing and his subsequent successful career as a college ballplayer, Testani swears by video analysis in working with his students. With video, the hitter has the ability to go over his mechanics and have a point of reference to go back to whether it is in practice or a game. With the swing analysis software Testani uses, he creates side by side comparisons to professional hitters to see where the adjustments need to be made.

Testani believes there are countless benefits of taking private lessons from trained and experienced hitting coaches and that the personal attention is the way to ensure maximum value for the child’s growth as a hitter. Through customized drills and video analysis, his students improve in several key areas. These include: 1) Stance; 2) Load; 3) Launch or Weight Transfer; 4) Bath Path; 5) Point of Contact; 6) Follow Through.

Testani is also known for offering a free hitting evaluation, with a personalized drill to help with a flaw in your swing, to start with at his website, GoldCoastHitting.com, because, as he says, “a single technique or drill can stick with a student for the rest of his life and baseball career.” This is the kind of hands on detail he brings to his students now.

Read More:  http://www.goldcoasthitting.com/my-story/

Financial Advisor Ryan Coiner Featured In Fort Worth Star Telegram

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Ryan Coiner was recently featured on the Ft. Worth Star Telegram website and other major online media outlets, including the Dallas Morning News, Reuters, Yahoo!Finance, Marketwatch and many others.

Ft. Worth, TX – July 23, 2014 – A feature story about Ryan Coiner was recently seen on the Ft. Worth Star Telegram website as well as the other major online publications such as the Dallas Morning News, The Boston Globe, MarketWatch, Los Angeles Daily News and Yahoo!Finance, among many others.

Ryan Coiner’s financial services career was founded on the Bible verse Proverbs 10:9, “The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.” Coiner is committed to being a company of true integrity; he’s more interested in helping his clients find the right portfolio solutions than pushing products. Coiner is quick to point out this key line from Proverbs drives his approach to dealing with entrepreneurs, small business owners, families and retirees alike as the founder of Integrity Financial Group.

“This concept holds true in the financial planning world, because those who take shortcuts or manipulate the system often fail,” says Coiner. “Whether you’re an investor or an advisor, there are no shortcuts to successfully navigating the financial journey. I always try to ‘walk securely’, making sure I’m honest and upfront with my clients. No one can predict the future, but by putting together a holistic financial plan with proper risk management and investment balance, I’m able to help my clients prepare for whatever may come their way.”

Like all successful financial professionals worth their salt, Ryan is very skilled and adept at retirement planning – helping people approaching or of retirement age to live their later years with peace of mind and a steady stream of income. What sets him apart from most other advisors is his personal background as a small business owner and the ease with which he works with a highly under-represented demographic in the financial services industry: entrepreneurs and small business owners.

The feature story about Ryan Coiner that was seen in the Fort Worth Star Telegram can be viewed in its entirety at http://truefinancialintegrity.com/press/

Learn more about Ryan Coiner at http://truefinancialintegrity.com/

Registered Representative of and securities offered through MML Investors Services, LLC. Home Office located at 1295 State Street, Springfield, MA 01111, (413) 737-8400. Member SIPC (www.sipc.org). Transactions may not be accepted by e-mail, fax, or voicemail.

Personal Injury Attorney Shane Smith Featured On Yahoo Finance

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Shane Smith was recently featured on Yahoo!Finance and other major online media outlets, including CNBC.com, Bloomberg Businessweek, MarketWatch and many others.

Peachtree City, GA – July 23, 2014 – A feature story about Shane Smith, the Founding Attorney of The Law Offices of Shane Smith, was recently seen on Yahoo!Finance as well as the other major online publications such as CNBC.com, The Boston Globe, Bloomberg Businessweek, Los Angeles Daily News and MarketWatch, among many others. Mr. Smith is known throughout the region around his home base of Peachtree City, Georgia for his stellar work as a personal injury attorney over the past ten years.

The goal of the Law Offices of Shane Smith – whose current staff includes four other lawyers and over 20 staff members – is help ensure that the value of an existing practice or business is passed on to loved one of the doctor, dentist or proprietor.  A former member of the U.S. Army JAG (Judge Advocate General) Corps practicing criminal defense law throughout the military for four years throughout the Southeast, Shane Smith launched his career as a civilian attorney at the renowned Atlanta firm of Montlick & Associates. During his time there, he handled over 500 cases, ranging from minor injuries to a serious tractor trailer collision.

Since launching his own quickly growing firm, Smith – a graduate of the University of Georgia and Georgia State’s College of Law – and his team have served hundreds of clients in the Metro Atlanta area with cases involving car wrecks, car accidents, personal injury, slips and falls and back and neck injuries. He has particularly enjoyed the opportunity to help clients who have been struck by drunk drivers receive the compensation they deserve; they have also been a regional sponsor of MADD.

The Law Offices of Shane Smith is very much a family run organization, with Smith’s wife Holly, a nurse by training, supervising the firm’s accounting, bookkeeping and customer service and his mother in law Shirley making that key first contact with potential clients.

The full text of the feature story about Shane Smith that was seen on Yahoo!Finance can be viewed in its entirety at http://www.shanesmithlaw.com/blog/wealth-protection-for-doctors-and-small-business-owners.cfm

Learn more at http://www.shanesmithlaw.com

Fitness Expert Mike Fernandes Featured in Women’s Fitness Magazine

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Mike Fernandes, Athletic and Weight Loss Training Expert, is currently being featured in Women’s Fitness magazine as a World Fitness Elite Game Changer.

Fall River, MA – July 23, 2014Mike Fernandes, Owner of Infinite Fitness Sports Performance Institute, is currently being seen in the August 2014 Edition of Women’s  Fitness magazine (United Kingdom and Ireland) with other leading fitness professionals as part of a feature called “World Fitness Elite.” In the Women’s Fitness feature, Mike Fernandes and other leading experts were asked to give their “Top Tips To Look and Feel Great Today!”

Here is what Mike had to share with the readers of Women’s Fitness:

“A great physique is a result of proper training, nutrition, rest and recovery. Skipping even one of these components will prevent you from achieving maximum results. Get started by incorporating strength training at least 3 days a week, consuming at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, and sleeping 8 hours each night.”

Mike Fernandes earned his degree from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and quickly achieved his goal of being a middle school teacher. A fitness class back in high school sparked a lifelong passion that inspired him at the same time to pursue his equally important goal to become a trainer. Both areas of his professional life are guided by the same basic principle rooted in the importance of making a personal connection with students and clients. Open just over two years, Mike’s Fall River, MA based facility, Infinite Fitness Sports Performance Institute, specializes in athletic and weight loss training for its fast growing clientele.

In November 2013, Infinite Fitness was recognized in the Fall River Herald, the local newspaper that called it “just what the doctor ordered – literally.” The publication says it’s “not your typical gym. It’s a training facility, unlike any other in the area that specifically caters to the athlete’s needs.” Earlier in the year, Fernandes was named the official strength and conditioning coach of the New Bedford Bay Sox, who are part of the NECBL, an elite college summer baseball league that produces many professional ballplayers.

Mike has also been seen in Men’s Fitness magazine, Boston.com (the home of the Boston Globe) and other major online publications such as Yahoo! Finance, Boston Business Journal, Reuters, Los Angeles Daily News and MarketWatch, among many others.

Learn more about Mike Fernandes and Infinite Fitness at http://infinitefitnessfallriver.com

Learn more about World Fitness Elite at http://www.worldfitnesselite.com/

About Infinite Fitness:

Infinite Fitness provides individualized programs that teach all athletes how to get the most out of themselves by increasing their functional strength, speed, endurance and range of motion – all while decreasing their risk of injury. Clients are first put through a rigorous assessment process to check for any issues connected to their range of motion or muscular imbalances that may be limiting their performance and could lead to injury. Individualized plans consist of soft tissue work and corrective exercises to fix mobility issues, dynamic warm up, plyometrics, agility, strengthening, regeneration and conditioning. The approximately 4,000 square foot space has a lot of sports specific equipment, including Astroturf, tires, ropes, slide boards, hurdles and power sleds.

The weight loss and metabolic resistance element of Infinite Fitness was a natural outgrowth of the group boot camp training sessions Fernandes and his team offered as they were raising funds to start the facility. Many non-athletes wanted to start training there, and true to his desire to help people achieve fitness success, Fernandes developed customizable nutrition programs, strength-based semi-private training and metabolic resistance training.

Wealth Manager and Annuity Authority Steve Jurich Hits Amazon Best-Seller List With New Book

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Best-selling Author Steve Jurich, Certified Income Specialist™ and Editor of MyAnnuityGuy.com™, recently hit three separate Amazon.com best-seller lists with his book, “Smart is the New Rich™.”

Scottsdale, AZ – July 23, 2014 – Often referred to as “America’s Go-to-Guy for annuities,” Steve Jurich, Editor of MyAnnuityGuy.com™, is celebrating the best-seller status of his book, Smart is the New Rich™ And SMART Retirees C.H.E.A.T. (Create Highly Effective Alternate Techniques.) The book reached best-seller status in three separate Amazon.com categories: “Retirement Planning,” “Insurance” and “Life Insurance,” reaching as high as #1 in the “Life Insurance” category.

The book’s publisher, IQ Wealth Press, describes the book: “Years ago, retirement planning was fairly easy. Many people were covered by a pension plan that guaranteed a set monthly income for life. Bonds and bank CDs paid 5% to 6%. Those days are long gone. The ‘New Normal’ has arrived, and with it a dilemma not seen by past generations….Smart is the New Rich™ points out the risks, considers the alternatives, and helps zero in on practical solutions…Steve Jurich gives effective and simple ways to secure sustainable lifetime income, with less fuss.”

Read more about the book at http://amzn.com/098905389X

Steve Jurich is a Certified Income Specialist™ (Awarded through the Institute For Business And Finance) and the Managing Member of IQ Wealth Advisory, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. His professional licensing includes securities (Series 65, Series 63), life insurance, and real estate.  Having made more than 400 radio appearances since 1995, Mr. Jurich (pronounced Jur-itch) can currently be heard on Money Radio in Phoenix and the world wide web.

A feature story about Steve Jurich has appeared on The Street.com as well as other major online outlets including CNBC.com, The Boston Globe, MarketWatch.com, Los Angeles Daily News and Yahoo!Finance. He has been profiled in Forbes and Newsweek magazines. Mr. Jurich is also the author of the best-selling book, The Ultimate Success Guide: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal Their Secrets for Success in Business and in Life (CelebrityPress.)

Learn more about Steve and IQ Wealth Management at http://iqwealthmanagement.com/ and http://www.MyAnnuityGuy.com

Family and Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Carlo Biasucci Featured On Yahoo Finance

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Dr. Carlo Biasucci was recently featured in Yahoo!Finance and other major online media outlets, including CNBC.com, Bloomberg Businessweek, MarketWatch and many others.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario – July 23, 2014 – Dr. Carlo Biasucci, BSc., DDS, is the owner and CEO of Northern Dental Care in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, a state of the art dental facility focusing on family and cosmetic dentistry. A feature story about Dr. Biasucci was recently seen on Yahoo!Finance as well as the other major online publications such as CNBC.com, The Boston Globe, Bloomberg Businessweek, Los Angeles Daily News and MarketWatch, among many others.

A graduate of the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Dr. Biasucci helps patients achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy smiles and overcome their fears of dental treatment.  With conscious sedation, he has been able to alleviate the anxiety for hundreds of individuals, which often prevents them from seeking out dental care.

Being the only family member in the dental profession, but fortunately brought up in a business-oriented family, Dr. Biasucci has had a great deal of skills and examples to draw from and to apply to his own practice.  His dental practice is built on the philosophy of “friends helping friends” and delivering a unique dental experience for patients.

To further his education and expertise, Dr. Biasucci has completed the Core Curriculum at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies – which focuses on Cosmetic Dentistry and the inter-relationship of the teeth, as well as numerous courses in Conscious Sedation, Implant Dentistry, and Orthodontics. He also was recently recognized with a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Biasucci is the author of over 100 articles and guest editorials on a variety of topics in dentistry and is an active member in multiple organizations in dentistry and healthcare.

The full text of the feature story about Dr. Biasucci that was seen on Yahoo!Finance can be viewed in its entirety at http://www.northerndentalcare.com/#!where-we-came-from/cjm2

Dr. Biasucci has joined noted business development expert, best-selling author and speaker, Brian Tracy, along with a select group of the world’s leading experts, to co-write the forthcoming book titled, Transform: The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Get to the Heart and Soul of Transforming your Life, Business & Health. Nick Nanton, Esq., along with business partner, JW Dicks, Esq., recently signed a publishing deal with Dr. Biasucci and the other authors to contribute their expertise to the book, which will be released under their CelebrityPress™ imprint. Dr. Biasucci will contribute a chapter titled, “How to Transform in Life, Business and Health.” The book is tentatively scheduled for release in September 2014.

Additional information about Dr. Biasucci and Northern Dental Care can be found at: www.northerndentalcare.com or by calling their office at: 705-575-7572.

Business Success Coach and Fitness Expert Josh Felber Featured on NBC on Health and Wellness Today

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Josh Felber was recently featured as the focus of the TV show, “Health and Wellness Today”. The show was seen on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX network affiliates around the country.

Akron, OH – July 23, 2014 – Serial Entrepreneur Josh Felber is the President and CEO of JF Ventures, LLC, Functional Fitness Labs, LLC (CrossFit Akron), F2 Nutrition, LLC and Primal Chiropractic, LLC, all based in Akron, Ohio. Josh was recently featured as an expert guest on the TV show “Health and Wellness Today.” The show was seen on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX network affiliates around the country.  The show was filmed in Orlando, FL and was hosted by noted 3-time Emmy® Award director and personal branding expert Nick Nanton. “Health and Wellness Today” features segments with some of the best health and fitness experts from across the United States.

Watch Josh Felber’s appearance on “Health and Wellness Today” at http://joshfelber.com/gallery/

Josh Felber is focused on challenging himself and those around him to consistent excellence.  Blessed with the heart of an athlete, mind of a leader and an entrepreneurial spirit, he is not only effective in his approach to business, but also extremely gifted in motivating people to achieve their own goals.  His intense drive and dedication to succeed has laid the foundation for his innovative approach to leadership.

Josh has been recognized multiple times in the National Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs, was a National Winner of the ATT and USA Today Investment Challenge, and has been featured on radio and television in the greater Akron area. He also holds numerous certificates in CrossFit, Sports Performance, Nutrition and is an Eagle Scout. Josh has contributed to two books this year: SuccessOnomics and Transform, which will be published this year.

Josh has joined 3-Time Emmy® Award Winning Director and Producer, Nick Nanton, Esq., Emmy® Award Winning Producer JW Dicks, and independent filmmakers Shaina Koren and Mike Esposito, co-founders of Shaina Koren Cinematography, to produce a new inspirational documentary film. The film, titled “The Rebound,” is a feature length documentary about a wheelchair basketball team and the quest of several adaptive athletes to overcome adversity in search of new opportunities. He has also recently signed on to co-produce an upcoming documentary film about Chairman and CEO of the XPRIZE Foundation (www.xprize.org), and Best-Selling author, Peter Diamandis.

Additional information about Josh Felber and his companies can be found at www.joshfelber.com

More About Josh Felber:

Since beginning his first business as a computer dealer at the age of 14, the seed of entrepreneurship was planted and long-term success was destined to follow.  While still in his teens, Josh started Merchant Financial Services, which became one of the largest entities in that industry.  He led the company to generate annual transactions of over $5 Billion.

Other businesses in Josh’s career have included ventures in satellite dish installation, nutraceuticals and green energy solutions.   In each of these opportunities he led the companies to be national leaders within their business vertical.  As a Partner and Vice President of Lifemax, a nutraceutical company, he helped build the company from the ground floor and under his sales leadership the company reached millions in sales within 4 years and their products were on the shelves of 40,000 retail outlets in 30 different countries.

His most recent endeavor includes the opening and operation of multiple functional fitness facilities, currently located in the North East Ohio area.  As an avid health and wellness advocate, Josh has been a long time runner and CrossFit proponent.  He has received numerous awards for various competitions including multiple marathons and half-marathons.  He has now taken his passion for health and wellness to a new level through the creation of Functional Fitness Labs, LLC (CrossFit Akron) in 2010.  Each year of business has demonstrated significant growth.

Josh has also incorporated a chiropractic and rehab center with the gym facility for the benefit of his clientele.  This model has proven to be very successful and will be used in future locations.  Additionally, he will be launching a functional nutritional company to design, make and sell his own supplement lines.

Josh and his wife, Trina an entrepreneur a well, reside in Akron, Ohio with their daughter, Mia, and twin sons, Cash and Roman.

Software And IT Solutions Specialist Ian Howlett Lends His Expertise To Entrepreneurs And Senior Business Leaders

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The Veteran Project Assurance Manager and Oxford MBA Recently Published “How To Fix Your Software Project: The Plain English Guide To IT Project Turnaround For Business Leaders”

Cambridgeshire, UK – July 22, 2014 – Gifted with both the expansive vision of an ambitious leader and the ability to tackle the minutest details, in his long career as a developer and an IT Solutions specialist Ian Howlett loves to connect his passion as a pianist with his work as a consultant to fellow entrepreneurs and senior business leaders.

Just as he seeks excellence in helping them achieve success and peace of mind with their IT and software projects, the multi-faceted software success expert – who has an MBA from the University of Oxford – is always seeking to improve his skills on the ivories and find bigger and better places to showcase them.

For his birthday in 2013, his girlfriend Victoria took him to Vienna, where Bösendorfer, the manufacturer of arguably the best piano in the world, is located. In their store, which is part of a world-famous concert hall, Howlett – in awe of and inspired by the 9-foot instrument’s grand sound and rich craftsmanship – sat down and began to play Beethoven’s familiar Moonlight Sonata.

Howlett is equally proficient as a software success expert, helping companies around the world to guide their software projects into successful ventures. Sometimes this is from the initial stages of writing the software, but is most often as an IT trouble-shooter, helping them get “unstuck” from a seemingly intractable problem and then maintain maximum efficiency as their business grows.

English by birth, he has had a natural affinity for computers and software since an early age, when he got an Amstrad computer for Christmas and, in addition to playing games, started writing programs on it.

He later earned a three year degree in computer science.

“I wrote my first program at the age of six,” he says. “That’s probably quite old now, given that kids seem to pop out of the womb and land on an iPad, but in the early 80s it was pretty rare!”

Howlett brings a unique array of professional experiences to his current work with individual clients. He began his professional career as a software developer for Unisys before starting up his first business as an IT contractor at 22. He then took a position at BUPA, the UK’s largest private healthcare company, analyzing surgeons’ performances and developing a then-cutting-edge “reverse auction” system for purchasing.

After going back to school for his MBA, he stayed on at the University of Oxford to work in the quantum computing laboratory, giving presentations to the European Union in Brussels and Bratislava, Slovakia about commercializing quantum computers.

All the while, Howlett has worked with various clients, including a major European airline and, via referral from a satisfied client, a prominent travel insurance company in Australia.

To help senior business leaders and entrepreneurs, Howlett has just launched his new book, with a long but perfectly chosen title: “How To Fix Your Software Project: The Plain English Guide To IT Project Turnaround For Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs.”

He identifies 26 major root causes of IT project failure. At the top of this exhaustive list are: Poor project management; Scope is too wide; Unrealistic expectations; Unarticulated project goals; Marketing Failure; and Wrong people on the project.

In the concise but comprehensive 169 page work, the author shows leaders how to turn their software projects from failure to success in seven simple steps. These essential strategies, explained in plain English rather than “tech geek” speak, are designed to help business people know exactly which questions to ask – and what actions to take – to get a sick software project back on track.

Towards the end of the book, Howlett offers his services to those who require more specifically tailored help and advice. Each year, he explains, he works with a small group of private clients to provide them with guidance and practical support, helping ensure the success of their projects.

“When describing what I do, it really comes down to the phrase, ‘I’ve got your back’. No matter what particular service I am providing to a client, they always know that I have their best interests at heart, and that I will deliver what they want most: results.”

Read More: http://www.ianhowlett.com/about-me/

Fitness Professionals Christopher and Jessica Page Featured in Women’s Fitness Magazine

Posted by admin on Jul 17th, 2014

Christopher and Jessica Page are currently being featured in Women’s Fitness magazine as a World Fitness Elite Game Changer.

Watertown, NY – July 17, 2014 – Christopher and Jessica Page, Co-owners of Page Fitness Athletic Club and CrossFit Watertown, are currently being seen in the August 2014 Edition of Women’s  Fitness magazine (United Kingdom and Ireland) as part of a feature called “World Fitness Elite.” In the Women’s Fitness feature, Christopher and Jessica Page were asked to give their “Top Tips To Look and Feel Great Today!”

Here is what Christopher and Jessica had to share with the readers of Women’s Fitness:

“We all have to eat. Intentionally feed your body by investing time to plan and prepare your meals in advance. Waiting until we’re hungry before deciding what to eat causes most of us to make poor food choices. A complete meal or snack consists of all three macro-nutrients. Think balance; apple, Greek yogurt and eight to ten pecans or walnuts.”

Page Fitness Athletic Club is a professional training facility in Watertown, New York.  Together, Christopher and Jessica Page built a team of professional trainers and fitness experts who are some of the most highly sought after and foremost experts in their field and are regularly featured in the media.

Chris served in the United States Air Force from 1989 – 1994 during which time he was a student of the Shou Shu martial art and veteran of the Persian Gulf War.  In 1998 Chris graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and became certified through the National Strength & Conditioning Association.  Chris has trained hundreds’ of young athletes and adults ranging from Junior High School through Semi-Professional, including Army Rangers, Special Forces, Police, DEA and FBI.

Jessica is a Licensed Massage Therapist who began teaching group fitness in 2005.  In 2009 she became a LesMills International certified BODYPUMP™ instructor and Certified with Distinction in BODYCOMBAT™.  Jessica has an enormous passion for fitness, which led her to compete in the Fitness America Pageants. In 2009, she won the Model Capitol Championships in Annandale, Virginia and was a Top 10 finalist in the International Fitness America Pageant in Miami, Florida.  For all her amazing accomplishments, Jessica was also featured in the November 2009 issue of Oxygen Magazine.

Christopher and Jessica are also the co-authors of the best-selling fitness book, Bigger Better Faster Stronger: The World’s Leading Fitness Experts Reveal Their Top Secrets to Help You Achieve The Ultimate in Health and Longevity.

To receive a Free Fitness Consultation or to learn more about the training and health services their facility offers, visit http://www.PageFitness.com or call the facility direct at (315) 786-8032.

Learn more about World Fitness Elite at http://www.worldfitnesselite.com/

Portland Personal Trainer Kathy Rogers Featured in Women’s Fitness Magazine

Posted by admin on Jul 17th, 2014

Kathy Rogers is currently being featured in Women’s Fitness magazine as a World Fitness Elite Game Changer.

Portland, OR – July 17, 2014Kathy Rogers, Owner of Elevation Kinetics, is currently being seen in the August 2014 Edition of Women’s  Fitness magazine (United Kingdom and Ireland) with other leading fitness professionals as part of a feature called “World Fitness Elite.” In the Women’s Fitness feature, Kathy Rogers and other leading experts were asked to give their “Top Tips To Look and Feel Great Today!”

Here is what Kathy had to share with the readers of Women’s Fitness:

“Health and fitness is a lifelong commitment, a labor of love. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Never give up. Stick with it, even if you’re not yet seeing results. Positive actions yield positive results; the harder the work, the bigger the reward. Stalls are part of the process. Persistence is key– you can achieve success if you just keep at it.”

Kathy Rogers launched Elevation Kinetics in August 2011 with 12 clients for the first few months, and quickly surpassed her goal of adding two new clients per month via referral by family and friends of happy clients. While Northwest Personal Training was strictly a women’s facility, Rogers for the first time enjoyed working with a clientele that included a balance of men and women. Soon, she built up her schedule and business structure to the point where she had so many clients she could not train them all one on one, so she began doing semi private training of more than one client at a time – the fulfillment of her plan to fill up time slots and divide them.

Her small groups range from 3-5 members and she has found that clients are more inclined to train with their friends and family members than strangers – leading to another unique source of referrals. Some small groups that start out with total strangers evolve into a positive support system that cultivates friendships that extend outside the gym environment.

While Rogers sits down with each client and creates individual plans based on his or her fitness, nutrition and lifestyle goals, she recently ran (and will run several more in 2014) a six-week transformation program as a contest for her clients, co-workers or anyone else who wants to participate.

Kathy describes her philosophy: “Living a healthy and fit life is essential. My goal is to encourage you to feel your best. The principles of health and fitness are simple, but many people are confused about exactly what it takes to achieve their goals. I will educate you about exercise, nutrition, and effective ways to reach your highest potential. This will help you to increase your energy, motivation, and confidence.”

“When you live fit you can accomplish any goal you set and conquer every challenge you face. Now is your time to realize and fulfill your dreams; love, rejoice, thrive, and be the best you can possibly be,” she continued.

Kathy Rogers has also been seen in Men’s Fitness magazine, Businessweek.com and other major online publications such as Yahoo!Finance, The Oregonian, Portland Business Journal, Los Angeles Daily News and MarketWatch, among many others

Learn more about Kathy Rogers at www.ElevationKinetics.com

Learn more about World Fitness Elite at http://www.worldfitnesselite.com/

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