Inspiring Speaker and Sales Expert, Tina M. Meitl Advises Changing Excuses To Courage

Author, Inspiring Motivational Speaker and Sales Superstar, Tina M. Meitl of Valiant Roar tells readers they have to suck it up and throw excuses out in order to move forward and create positive changes.

OBERLIN, KS – October 17, 2017 – Tina M. Meitl, Sales Superstar, Inspirational Speaker and co-author of the best-selling book, Success Manifesto with Brian Tracy has posted a new blog on her website entitled, “Suck It Up Buttercup: Find the Courage to Change Your Life” in which Ms. Meitl suggests there’s no courage required for making excuses.

As Meitl states, “We’ve all done it at one time or another. Made excuses for not doing what we would love to do in order to change our lives for the better.” She continues adding, “Or we’ve made excuses for not completing a goal we set out to achieve or rationalized why we couldn’t do something we were asked to do.”

According to Meitl, “As a speaker, coach, mentor and trainer, I’ve noticed that when someone makes excuses, they are only excusing themselves from the juiciest, most exciting life experiences. It takes courage, not excuses to change.” She adds, “It takes courage to manifest your greatness. Are you willing to execute the courage required to change your life? “

“Some of the more popular excuses,” says Meitl “are: I don’t have enough money. I’m just not ready to change. I don’t know enough. It might not work out. What will people think and say about me if I really accomplish this? I really don’t think it will work out. My family needs me to keep doing what I’m doing. I just can’t change.”

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About Tina M. Meitl

Tina M Meitl is a best-selling author and inspirational public speaker who shares her message of transformation with audiences internationally and throughout the United States. Graduating from the American College, LUTCF and the University of Kansas Graduate School of Business, Meitl currently holds an agent’s license in her home state of Kansas as well as Nebraska. She also holds certifications with GAMA International: The Essentials of Leadership and Management.

Meitl is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades throughout her career as well, some of which include MDRT, Life Rookie of the Year, Blue Vase, Blue Vase Elite, Heritage, Heritage Elite, All American, Super All American, Life Agent of the Year, and Pacesetters. She was also recognized by America’s Premier Experts® as one of the leading experts in her field. The organization recognizes leading experts across various industries committed to publishing content of the benefit of consumers and journalists.

Meitl was also recently honored with a 2016-2017 VIP Woman of the Year award from the National Association of Professional Women. Inducted as a Pinnacle Member into the Continental Who’s Who, Meitl received the Recognition of Excellence. Memberships are limited to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and achievement in their occupation, industry or profession.

Involved as a community leader, Meitl proudly supports WKCAC, One Hundred Women, raising funds for the organization. She has also been active with her local 4-H for more than 20 years as a leader, parent, teacher, and judge. Most recently she is the co-author of the best-selling book Success Manifesto with Brian Tracy, and is a certified member of the impactful John Maxwell Team.

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