Jennifer Washburn Announces the Debut of New Volume Lash Extensions at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions

Jennifer Washburn, president of Advanced Skin and Body Solutions says it’s time to take part in the newest beauty trend that has fluttered through and captivated Europe, Asia, Australia, and Canada.

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON – September 18, 2014 – Jennifer Washburn, president of Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, a skin care spa, recently posted a new blog on her website. The blog entitled, “Turn Up The Volume! New Volume Lash Extensions Make Their Debut at Advanced Skin & Body Solutions” makes it apparent that the popularity of classic eyelash extensions has paved the way for this exciting new explosive trend in beautiful eyes.

As Washburn says, “Volume Upgrade Lash Extensions, also called Russian-style or 3D lashes, have already fluttered through and captivated Europe, Asia, Australia, and Canada. Now, it’s our turn to “volume-eyes” with this exciting new beauty trend.”

Length and curl, according to Washburn, were accomplished successfully with the original lash extensions, however for those with sparse, thin lashes volume, thickness and lushness were difficult to achieve.

Washburn acknowledges this problem is solved with the new Volume Lash Extensions stating, “Now, instead of one synthetic lash being applied to each single, carefully separated eyelash, new Volume Lashes let you add as many as 5 extensions per natural lash.”

Advanced Skin and Body Solutions specializes in skin care, lash extensions and permanent make up. They pamper clients’ with skin and body treatments that beautify, enhance, correct and rejuvenate your skin.

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About Jennifer Washburn:

Jennifer Washburn is the President of Advanced Skin and Body Solutions. Advanced Skin and Body Solutions in Bellevue, Washington, offers total skin care in a spa atmosphere. Its licensed and trained skin care professionals pamper you with skin and body treatments that beautify, enhance, correct and rejuvenate your skin. The spa environment will relax your mind while licensed Aestheticians provide comprehensive skin care.

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