Jennifer Washburn Highly Recommends Getting Thick Volume Upgrade Lash Extension Over Envying Those Born With Naturally Thick Lashes

Jennifer Washburn, president of Advanced Skin and Body Solutions says that even though Liz Taylor was born with a rare mutation that gave her two rows of eyelashes, she would be jealous of the natural look of the new Volume Lash Extensions.

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON – September 30, 2014 – Jennifer Washburn, president of Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, a skin care spa, recently posted a new article on her website. Entitled, “Not Born With Double Lush Liz Taylor Lashes? With Volume Lash Extensions You Can Look Like You Were.” the article talks about the rare genetic mutation that gave Elizabeth Taylor her exquisite double row of thick, dark eyelashes.

Washburn gives voice to what so many must think, saying “Really? Naturally violet eyes and a double row of eyelashes! Some girls have all the luck!” She goes on to discourage any sense of envy over Liz’s lashes. Washburn notes, “The mutation Liz was born with can, and in most cases does lead to all kinds of eye problems. Besides if you really want to experience a fit of jealousy, focus your attention on the camel. They are the mammals with the longest and thickest eyelashes of all.”

While Washburn clearly states she doesn’t encourage envy, “It’s a poisonous emotion that only hurts the one experiencing it. I do however highly recommend getting the lush eyelashes of your dreams.” She announces that, “Volume Upgrade Lash Extensions, also called Russian-style or 3D lashes, have already fluttered through and captivated Europe, Asia, Australia, and Canada. Now, having landed in the U.S. we get to turn up the volume and the beauty on our eyes.”

Advanced Skin and Body Solutions specializes in skin care, lash extensions and permanent make up. They pamper clients’ with skin and body treatments that beautify, enhance, correct and rejuvenate your skin.

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About Jennifer Washburn:

Jennifer Washburn is the President of Advanced Skin and Body Solutions. Advanced Skin and Body Solutions in Bellevue, Washington, offers total skin care in a spa atmosphere. Its licensed and trained skin care professionals pamper you with skin and body treatments that beautify, enhance, correct and rejuvenate your skin. The spa environment will relax your mind while licensed Aestheticians provide comprehensive skin care.

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