Life Coach, Jewell Siebert, Featured on Bravo


 Life Coach, Jewell Siebert, Featured on Bravo

Jewell Siebert, Life Coach and Certified Canfield Trainer, was recently seen on Bravo and A&E network affiliates around the country as a guest on Hollywood Live.

Austin, TX – March 14, 2017Jewell Siebert, Life Coach and Certified Canfield Trainer, was recently a featured guest on Hollywood Live. The show was filmed by an Emmy Award winning crew in the penthouse of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel that overlooks Hollywood Blvd, in Los Angeles, California. The show, hosted by Jack Canfield, Best-Selling Author® and co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, included guests from around the country who shared their expertise and stories of their success. The episode featuring Siebert recently aired on Bravo and A&E affiliates across the country.

About Jewell Siebert:

Jewell Siebert is a #1 international bestselling author, success coach and transformational speaker.  She supports working women to actually enjoy the lives they work so hard to create.  Jewell especially enjoys helping helping working women have more time to do the things they love, stress less, and be more successful without sacrificing the fun.

Before becoming a coach, Jewell was on Active Duty in the Army for 14 years, and served in Iraq and Afghanistan. She’s currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserves, and uses her real world experience and unique perspectives to help her clients find the joy in their lives.

She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and daughter, where she takes full advantage of the city’s BBQ scene.

More about Jewell Siebert:

Siebert’s expertise in her field led to an invite to the Hollywood Live set to tell her business’s story. Her feature has been seen by viewers across the country, and has undoubtedly inspired many.

Watch Siebert’s appearance on Hollywood Live here:

If you would like to learn more about Jewell Siebert and her services, connect with her at:

About Hollywood Live:

Hollywood Live features premier business experts offering their expertise in one of the most prominent cities in the country. Interviews are focused on topics related to their respective industries, and their success in that industry. The stories of their businesses and brands serve as lessons for entrepreneurs and inspiration for those looking to go the route of the business owner. Hollywood Live provides valuable information for today’s business-driven world.



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