Luxury Florida Dental Center Says Even A Fake Smile Can Increase Overall Happiness

Bonita Springs, FL — Aug 31, 2015 — Highly regarded spa and cosmetic dental treatment center Allure Dental & Spa published a new article entitled “True or False: Smiling More Makes You Happier.” In the article, they refer to two scientific studies on the correlation between smiling and increased happiness, urging those who are embarrassed of their teeth to do something about it in order to increase overall quality of life.

dr-eckDr. C. M. Wallace says, “When was the last time you showed off those pearly whites? Think about how many times a day you have the occasion to smile—it’s a lot! Whether it’s posing for photographs, meeting new people, or something else entirely, there are a lot of times we need to smile, even when we don’t necessarily feel like it.

The good news? It’s a fact: Even a fake smile is linked with increased happiness.”

The entire article can be found here

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