Motivational Speaker Expert Sandy Olson Speaks to Success and Personal Responsibility

Sandy Olson, Speaker and Owner of Pathway to Success, a motivational company reviews principles success founded on taking 100%responsibility for life’s circumstances.

Frederick, MD – June 20, 2017 – Sandy Olson, owner and speaker with Pathway to Success, a motivation company, recently published an article on her website titled Victim, Victor or Centered In 100% Responsibility.” Ms. Olson seems to be of the belief than anything less than 100% responsibility for one’s life is unacceptable.

According to Olson, “Most people have come to accept that in our lives conflict is inevitable.” She adds, “That is not exactly true. Whether you are feeling stymied in your career or your relationships, you can move into a mindset that does not believe that conflict is inevitable.”

Olson points out that, “What many do not realize is that most of us are subject to unconscious strategies called control dramas. These seemingly irresistible urges,” she says, “propel us into thinking that we can actually gain power or energy from another person, and to believe that we can essentially, “get our way with others.” This unconscious way of going through life is not nearly as productive or pain-free as becoming conscious of our thoughts and behaviors.”

According to Olson, “No one actually participates in a “control drama” intentionally.” She elaborates, “It is done innocently enough by attempting to get our way with others by making them pay attention to us and then eliciting a certain reaction from them to make ourselves feel fulfilled. The positive feelings we gain are won at the expense of the other person and this often causes imbalance and drama in our relationships.” She emphasizes, “It’s fairly obvious that this is anything but a win-win scenario”

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About Sandy Olson:

Sandy Olson founded Pathway to Success to use her experience as a successful businessperson to help clients reach their full potential by inspiring them to make positive changes in both their personal and professional lives. She has trained with Jack Canfield to bring his book, The Success Principles ™, to life through customized inspirational and motivational presentations for individuals and organizations.

Her RE/MAX Results real estate firm is the largest in the Frederick, MD area, and grew from three individuals to over 120 Independent Contractors and Employees, all during the worst real estate recession of our time. She instills the knowledge and inspiration from The Success Principles ™ in both herself and her organization.

Sandy graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s University with a B.S. Degree in Business Administration. She has various designations, including Graduate of the Realtor Institute, Certified Residential Broker, and Certified Negotiation Expert. Sandy’s brokerage firm was honored with the RE/MAX Central Atlantic Region Brokerage of the Year Award for 2014.








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