Orlando DOT Physical Provider and Workflow Employer Services Owner Dr. Brad Levine Publishes New Article to Help with DOT Physical Preparation, Sharing Innovative Fitness Idea for DOT Drivers

Dr. Brad Levine, Orlando Chiropractor, DOT physicals provider, and owner at Workflow Employer Services publishes a new article sharing some unique fitness ideas for DOT drivers who need to get more activity to improve chances of passing DOT physical.

Altamonte Springs, FL — March 14, 2018— Workflow Employer Services and DOT physical location owner, Dr. Brad Levine recently published a new article on his website, “Up Your Fitness to Prepare for Your DOT Physical: The Chi Vitalizer May Be an Interesting Alternative for Those with Limited Mobility Options.”

DOT drivers must stay healthy enough to pass their DOT physical. If not, they could lose their DOT medical certification and thus, not be able to drive commercially. Obviously, losing their career over something they have the power to control in many cases, would be very frustrating.

Usually, doctors and exercise experts are quick to say there are no shortcuts to fitness—no shortcuts to exercise and health. But is that really true? Dr. Levine says it might not be the case and DOT physical preparation is always a good idea.

One device that is not new but that is making a resurgence in popularity is the Chi Vitalizer. It’s been around for a while but having been recently featured on both The Doctors and Dr. Oz has made people talk about the device again.

But does it work? What does it do? Dr. Levine says, “The movement of the machine is meant to mimic the goldfish’s natural movement while swimming, side to side. The concept behind the Chi Machine came from the Japanese scientist, Shizuo Inoue. He studied the effects of oxygenation for over 35 years, concluding that the lack of oxygen in the body is the leading cause of disease.”

He adds, “The Chi Machine is a relatively small device that can be used in limited space. That’s one thing that makes it great for DOT truck drivers. Specifically, you can plug it in and use it while laying down in the back of your cab! And the whole “cycle” takes 15 minutes but you can get results from as little as 5 minutes per day!”

The full article can be found at: http://orlandodotphysicals.com/up-your-fitness-to-prepare-for-your-dot-physical-the-chi-vitalizer-may-be-an-interesting-alternative-for-those-with-limited-mobility-options/.

Workflow Employer Services has two DOT physical locations in Orlando and Altamonte Springs. Both locations offer same day DOT physicals and CDL medical exams along with employee drug testing services. Both DOT physical locations are bilingual and accept DOT physical exam walk-ins.