Kevin Hodes, CEO of Credit Card Processing Company Swypit, Publishes New Article Examining Why It’s Important to Track Business Metrics

Kevin Hodes, CEO of Credit Card Processing Company Swypit, Publishes New Article Examining Why It’s Important to Track Business Metrics Frisco, TX – October 31, 2019 – Kevin Hodes, CEO of Swypit has published a new article entitled “Why Is Tracking Business Metrics Important to a Company’s Success?” In the… Read more »

Retirement Resources President, Dave Boike, Encourages Readers To Recognize And Prepare For The End Of The Current Stock Market Bull Run.

Retirement Resources President and Investment Advisor, Dave Boike, tells readers that even though no one knows for certain when the bull run will end, there are signs suggesting the end is near and encourages readers to take notice and to prepare.   Auburn Hills, MI — October 31, 2019— Dave Boike,… Read more »

Founder of Medicine Horse Ranch, Alyssa Aubrey, Reports On The Most Recent EAHEA HorseDream® Conference And Training Events.

Founder and Executive Director of Medicine Horse Ranch, Alyssa Aubrey shares her thoughts about some of the activities and the overall mission of the EAHAE HorseDream® conference and trainings that were held in Tomales, California in early October. TOMALES, CA – October 30, 2019 – Alyssa Aubrey, Founder of Medicine Horse… Read more »

Inspirational Storyteller, Speaker, Best-selling Author and Coach, Nina Kelly Invites Readers To Fall In Love With The Season And Life By Creating A New Story

Inspiring storyteller, writer and speaker, Dr. Nina Kelly waxes poetic about the fall season in her hometown of New Orleans and invites readers to fall in love wherever they are in their own personal lives by writing an exciting new story they can embody. New Orleans, LA – October 29,… Read more »

Natural Health Educator, Michele Hornby, was recently seen on NBC

Queen Creek, AZ – October 28, 2019 – Michele Hornby, Natural Health Educator, was recently a featured guest on Hollywood Live. The show, which filmed in Hollywood, CA by an Emmy Award-winning crew, was hosted by Jack Canfield, Best-Selling Author® and co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul. The show… Read more »

Co-Founder of Red Feather Financial, Dr. Sabrina Scott Takes A Brief Respite From Financial Info To Celebrate Halloween, Day Of The Dead And All Saints’ Day

Dr. Sabrina Scott admits to being a lover of Halloween and explains why, chalking it up to living outside of the U.S. for so many years and missing the costumes, trick or treating and jack-o-lanterns. DECATUR, GA, October 28, 2019: Dr. Sabrina Scott, co-founder of Red Feather Financial, has posted… Read more »

Felinton Elder Law & Estate Planning Centers Founder, Mindy Felinton Encourages Readers To Update Or Create Legal Documents That Include Access To Digital Accounts And Assets

Elder Care Attorney, Mindy Felinton talks about one of the most overlooked areas when creating wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other estate planning documents, that of digital accounts and other digital assets. Delray Beach, FL  October 28, 2019: Mindy Felinton, founder of Felinton Elder Law & Estate Planning Centers,… Read more »

The Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm Founder, Victoria L Collier, Talks To Business Owners Who Haven’t Planned What They’ll Do With Their Businesses

Estate & Asset Protection Attorney, Victoria Collier addresses business owners with statistics that just might snap some of them to attention and to planning for their exit strategies before it’s too late and they lose their life’s work. DECATUR, GA, October 28, 2019: Victoria L. Collier, founder of The Estate… Read more »

Financial Advisor, Robert M. Ryerson Hits Amazon Best-Seller Lists with Momma’s Secret Recipe for Retirement Success

Robert Ryerson ranked on the Amazon best-seller lists with the new book, Momma’s Secret Recipe for Retirement Success, Coauthored with Jack Canfield. Freehold, NJ – October 24, 2019: Robert Ryerson, Financial Specialist joined Jack Canfield, along with a select group of professionals around the world to co-write the book, Momma’s… Read more »

Financial Advisor Rodney L. Jones Breaks Down the Concept of Lifetime Earning Potential

Owner of RL Jones Financial Group and RL Jones Insurance Group, Rodney L. Jones, recently published a blog to his website explaining that your biggest financial asset is your ability to earn money. Westfield, IN – October 24, 2019 – Financial Advisor, Best-Selling Author® of Beat the Curve with Brian… Read more »