Personal Injury Attorney, Jeffrey T. Jones Warns Teenagers Walking and Texting are at Risk.

Charleston, WV, September 17, 2015: Personal Injury attorney Jeffrey T. Jones, founder of the Law Offices of Jeffrey T. Jones, and best-selling author of “Protect and Defend has posted a new blog on his website entitled “Texting Cited for Increase in Teenage Pedestrian Injuries and Deaths.”  Technology has certainly opened up a whole new world of possibilities while simultaneously creating a more dangerous world for our children.

Jeffrey Jones Mr. Jones strikes a note of urgency as he writes, “Back to school means hundreds of thousands of our country’s children are heading out to school each day on foot, bicycles, motorcycles and cars. Those on foot are often the most vulnerable.”He continues adding, “The number of pedestrian injuries and deaths increase in September and occur most often during the hours before and after school. I admit I was not surprised to see a new trend in the age of children who are injured.”

“According to,” says Jones, “historically, it has been the younger children walking to school who were at greater risk than teenagers.  Specifically, children 5 to 9 years old were more often hit by a vehicle than any other age group under 19.” “However,” he continues, “it is revealed in the most recent study undertaken by that, “The death rate among older teens is now twice that of younger children.”

As Jones notes, “The reason for this increase in teenage related pedestrian injury and death is thought to be “distraction caused by the use of electronics and hand-held devices while walking.”  Specifically texting while walking is thought to be the greatest distraction according to a study by The Nielsen Company posted on the National Safety Council website. According to the study, “kids age 13 to 17 send more than 3,400 texts a month.” (

According to Jones, “The correlation with the continuous rise in drivers distracted by cell phone use seems to make sense. Add distracted teenagers and distracted drivers and you have a doubly dangerous combination.”

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