PR: 2018 DOT Physicals Tips Article Recaps – Part 3

Orlando DOT Physical Provider and Workflow Employer Services Owner Dr. Brad Levine Publishes the Third in New Article Series Recapping his 2018 DOT Physicals Tips Articles

Dr. Brad Levine, Orlando Chiropractor, DOT physicals provider, and owner at Workflow Employer Services publishes the third piece in a new article series that summarizes his 2018 DOT physicals tips articles with advice for DOT drivers and preparing for the DOT physical exam.  

Altamonte Springs, FL — May 20, 2018— Workflow Employer Services and DOT physical location owner, Dr. Brad Levine recently published a new article on his website, “2018 DOT Physicals Article Big List Recap: Part 3.”

The DOT physical exam is required for all commercial drivers initially to get their CDL and then every two years it must be updated. Sometimes, the renewal could be due in less than two years if the driver has one of a few conditions that require more frequent monitoring.

Dr. Brad Levine is a DOT physical provider in Orlando – or rather the Orlando area – with an office in Altamonte Springs, FL. In addition to being a DOT physical provider, Dr. Levine is a chiropractor and his office also provides pre-employment, employment and DOT drug testing that might be required by an employer.

In this four-part series, he recaps the articles he shared in 2018 and the third article in the series covers the third set of 12 articles of 2018. The piece gives a summary of each of those articles and links to the specific article.

One article he recaps is, “Why the DOT Physical is Good for You?” Regarding this piece, he says, “The DOT physical can be a pain to some commercial drivers, but it has its benefits. If you are beginning to develop a condition or medical issue, the DOT physical may be able to catch the issue, allowing it to be treated before it gets worse.”

Another he summarizes is, “The DOT Physical and DOT Detention Time Tracking More Crashes and Lost Earnings?” About this piece, he explains, “The trucking industry claims to be losing over $1 billion per year due to driver detention. It may be more of a hazard than a benefit because it has caused the expected crash rate to rise. There is a plan to be put in place by the FMCSA to accurately collect driver detention data.”

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Workflow Employer Services has two DOT physical locations in Orlando and Altamonte Springs. Both locations offer same day DOT physicals and CDL medical exams along with employee drug testing services. Both DOT physical locations are bilingual and accept DOT physical exam walk-ins.