Pre & Post Retirement Planning Expert, Mark Gardner, Signs Production Deal to Host Upcoming TV Show, “Your Money Matters”

Mark Gardner, Managing Director of RetireWellDallas, recently signed a Production Deal with Emmy® Award Winning Producer, Greg Rollett, and Ambitious® Media Group to host the upcoming TV Show, “Your Money Matters”

Dallas, TX – November 6, 2017Mark Gardner, Pre & Post Retirement Planning Expert, recently signed a production deal to create the first season of a brand new online TV show that will be filmed in the Ambitious Media Studios in Winter Park, FL.  The show, Your Money Matters, hosted by Gardner, will be 13 episodes and focuses on helping people to understand what they need to know as they prepare for retirement. With topics ranging from getting a second opinion on your life insurance to helping women understand how to support themselves financially, to creating an income plan that will provide for you for the rest of your life, this show tells you the truth about money, because “Your Money Matters !”.

The show will be distributed on The Success Network, available on Apple TV, Roku and Amazon as well as Facebook and YouTube.

Gardner was signed for this production deal because of his expertise on retirement and pre-retirement planning, making him an asset to Ambitious® Media Group and The Success Network, and will surely benefit a wide range of viewers. “Your Money Matters” is set to release in January of 2018.

About Mark Gardner: 

Mark S. Gardner having spent over 4 decades working on Wall Street now brings his experience to “Your Street” Helping families with Retirement & Pre-Retirement Planning while maximizing your Social Security Benefits: Annuities, Wealth Management & Life/Disability/Long Term Care Insurance.

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About Ambitious® Media Group LLC:

Ambitious Media Group is a media production company for entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals and ThoughtLeaders® who want to make a bigger impact in the world. They know that the way to create this bigger impact is by telling their stories, sharing their knowledge and distributing it directly to the people they can help. The company was founded by Emmy® Award Winners Greg Rollett, Nick Nanton and JW Dicks and has their headquarters in Orlando, FL where they host their productions, educational training and events.

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