Real Estate Investment Specialist, Mike Conlon Tells Investors Millenials are Turning To Mobile Home Communities

Two-time best-selling author Mike Conlon, aka “The Main Street Millionaire,” reveals the Millenial generation as a dream for investors in mobile home communities as the 20-somethings set their sights on early home ownership that affords more freedoms and less of an investment.

Cary, NC – July 2, 2015Mike Conlon, President and CEO of Affordable Communities Group, LLC ( aka the “Main Street Millionaire” has posted a new article on his website entitled, “An Investor’s Dream: Millenials Looking To Mobile Home Ownership.”

Mike-ConlonConlon writes, “In a world that is more and more mobile everyday, my role as the Main St. Millionaire buying up mobile home parks makes more sense than ever before. Young couples and families are searching for affordable homes and my mission to improve the quality of mobile home living fits in beautifully with this growing trend.”

Continuing, Conlon shares, “I came across an article that might reinforce your decision as an investor looking into mobile home communities. The picture the writer painted is one that warms my heart and the heart of anyone looking to provide affordable housing to upcoming generations.”

Conlon says, “Today, millennials (18- 35 year age range) make up just over a quarter of the 20-some million Americans living in mobile homes. So, clearly there’s room for growth.”

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About Mike Conlon:

Mike Conlon, aka the Main Street Millionaire, provides his audience with an unconventional, no-B.S.-insight on the investment and entrepreneur arenas based on his 15+ years of street-wise investment success that has made him a multi-millionaire.

Mike is President and majority owner of Affordable Communities Group (ACG), LLC based in Cary, NC, which currently owns 25 manufactured home communities (3,000+ spaces) in North Carolina, Alabama, Maryland, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio.  Mike has bought, rehabbed, and subsequently sold 15 multi-family deals resulting in over $70 million of proceeds since 2002. In the 1990’s, Mike grew a financial planning broker-dealer from $1.2 million in gross revenue to over $40 million in five years and sold it to a large national insurance company.  Mike also owned a financial planning practice that he grew to over $100 million in assets before selling in 2002.  Mike received his law degree from the U. of Minnesota in 1990.

Mike just published his first book called Unconventional Wealth: The New Main $treet Millionaires, which is available on  He has become a mentor and educator to numerous small business owners and real estate investors throughout the country.

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