Self-Hypnosis and Kinesiology Energy Expert Linda Allred Provides A Daily Stress Relief Technique

Linda Allred, CEO of Linda Allred, draws from an ancient self-hypnotic yogic technique providing a method that can be practiced during a busy, stressful day to return oneself to a state of calm relaxation.

Baton Rouge, LA- November 11, 2015 – Linda Allred owner of Linda Allred, LLC, is a certified hypnotist and Kinesiology Energy Expert. She has achieved great success in helping people lose weight, manage stress, make more money and run a successful business. In her recent blog entitled “Self-hypnosis Relaxation Technique for Daily Stress Relief”, Ms. Allred gives readers technique that can be practiced on a daily basis.

Linda AllredAccording to Allred, “Self-hypnosis is a gentle yet powerful method that can be used for a variety of healing purposes. From relieving stress in your daily life to changing subconsciously held beliefs, self-hypnosis techniques can be learned by taking classes or scheduling sessions with a trained hypnotherapist.” She continues adding, “Practicing the technique below frequently enough will make it a habit that eventually you’ll be able to practice wherever you are whenever you feel stress creeping into your day.”

Allred provides a seven-step method that includes slow deep breathing and relaxing the entire body. She cites yoga for the origination of the practice and says is is, “an effective self-hypnotic relaxation technique that is often the final pose of yoga practice.” Allred continues saying the technique is “Called Shavasana, Corpse Pose or Dead Man’s Pose.”

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Ms. Allred is known both locally and globally as the Bad Habit, Belief Breaker, and is a Certified Hypnotist/Kinesiology Energy Expert.

About Linda Allred

Linda is known as the Hottest Ticket In Town. She is an expert in two of the most powerful belief-change modalities in the world, Self-Hypnosis and the energy work of Kinesiology. In addition, she is the co-author of the best-selling book, Answering The Call, published by Celebrity Press. The book became an instant #1 Best-Seller in two categories, “Marketing, and Marketing For Small Businesses” on Amazon the day it was released due to the message that so many people need in their lives. The book finally allows the reader to answer their own call in their journey through life, whether that is losing 10 lbs, 100lbs, reducing stress, quitting smoking, charging what you are worth or making $100,000 or $1,000,000 in their business.

Linda’s powerful chapter, Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life, inspires readers through her own courageous story, going from overweight and overeating to create a false sense of happiness to finding her true calling and passion, turning her life around and giving back to others to help them let go of their own limiting beliefs to free themselves of the constraints holding them back from greatness.
Based on the success of the book, Linda was awarded a Quilly™ Award last September in Hollywood, CA, where she also presented a powerful presentation in front of more than 200 Best-Selling Authors including Mark Victor Hansen from the Chicken Soup For The Soul empire, her own mentor and coach Lisa Sasevich and Peter Diamandis, founder of the X-Prize.

Linda Allred, CEO of Linda Allred, LLC