Self-Hypnosis And Whole Food Nutrition Expert Linda Allred Publishes New Article About Spring Renewal

Linda Allred, CEO of Linda Allred, LLC, talks about ways you can shed the winter layers discover spring renewal.

Baton Rouge, LA, May 8, 2015 –Linda Allred owner of Linda Allred, LLC, is a certified hypnotist and wellness coach. She has achieved great success in helping people lose weight, manage stress, and run a successful business.

This article titled “Spring Renewal” focuses on the ¼ method. Putting ¼ of time into relationships, ¼ of time into work, ¼ of time into spirituality, and ¼ of time into health will help to create balance. Categories create balance to discovering the true beauty of the new season.

Ms. Allred is known both locally and globally as the Bad Habit, Belief Breaker, and is a Certified Hypnotist Expert and Accelerated Change Template (ACT) Master Practitioner.

About Linda Allred

Linda Allred is the co-author of the best-selling book, Answering the Call. She specializes in self-hypnosis for weight loss, stress relief and helping men and women overcome limiting beliefs.


Linda Allred, CEO of Linda Allred, LLC


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