South Florida Dentist George Hoop Offers A Revolutionary Insurance Alternative With His Direct Dental Savings Plan

Beyond Offering “Total Dental Solutions For Adults,” Patients At His Naples and Ft Myers Based Practice Enjoy Incredible Features and Benefits – And No Annual Maximums

Naples, FL – February 6, 2015 – For Dr. George Hoop, dentistry is more than simply his life’s passion – it’s practically a birthright. The Pompano Beach raised dentist, one of South Florida’s top practitioners with thriving practices in Naples and Fort Myers, is the fifth dentist in his family on his father’s side, starting with his “Grandpa Hoop,” who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh Dental School in 1917. Grandpa Hoop, his two brothers and Dr. Hoop’s uncle all practiced in Pittsburgh. He’s proud to note that there has been a practicing dentist in the family for just under a century now.

Dr. Hoop, a multiple award-winning graduate of Emory University School of Dentistry, has built upon his powerful family legacy by transforming the smiles and lives of patients since 1991, when he opened his first practice, specializing in periodontal dentistry in Fort Myers. Nine years later, he opened a second office in Naples to expand to comprehensive dentistry – a decision many told him would prove unsuccessful. The naysayers were wrong, for the simple reason, as Dr. Hoop says, “Patients like the convenience of a broader range of services and the expertise of a specialist.”

Dr. Hoop’s original plan was to maintain the original practice for periodontal referrals, but as referrals from other dentists dropped, he decided to make both offices comprehensive practices. With both locations offering the services that patients enjoy today, his business boomed. In 2007, Dr. Hoop moved to a new expanded (doubled size from the previous) facility in Ft. Myers.

For most dentists, this would be the “happily ever after” – business is good, locations provide optimal equipment, and he and his staff provide care that sets the standards for other practitioners in the region. But driven by his desire to best serve existing and future patients in all aspects of the dental experience, Dr. Hoop developed a deeper vision for his practices.

Frustrated by the iffy state of dental insurance coverage that leaves patients with way too many out of pocket expenses because of a low, often arbitrary annual maximum benefit, Dr. Hoop developed Direct Dental Savings, a revolutionary concept in dental healthcare delivery developed with the consumer in mind. Based on the incredible results and patient satisfaction he has seen in his own practice these past couple years, he believes it has the potential to be a significant game-changer for the dental industry.

By eliminating the “middleman,” Direct Dental Savings can provide greater potential savings than virtually any dental insurance product. Those patients who sign up not only eliminate all the confusing paperwork and red tape involved in buying and maintaining traditional insurance policies, they receive immediate financial savings and up front, accurate answers to questions about costs and coverage. Most importantly, many patients who have signed up for Dr. Hoop’s system are able to enjoy unlimited and unrestricted savings.

Patients who sign up enjoy the fact that their spouse also receives a ten percent discount and dependent children under 25 or students receive 50 percent off. The direct benefits of the DDS plan include free regular cleanings, periodic exams, fluoride treatments, visual and state-of-the-art Velscope oral cancer exams, regular check up X-rays, 20 percent off all cosmetic, dental implant, TMJ and occlusal procedures and 30 percent off all other dental treatment and services provided by Dr. Hoop’s office (like fillings, crown and bridgework, denture and partial dentures). Non-tangible benefits include no annual maximum, no deductibles, no waiting periods, no pre-existing condition exclusions and no treatment exclusions.

Dr. Hoop’s initial thought was that if he could eliminate the predatory insurance company middleman and provide this product directly to patients, he could do it better and more efficiently. “Other dentists really started the idea,” he says, “but I have refined it to something much more significant. In 2012 we took Direct Dental Savings live in our office to see how patients would accept the plan. It has taken off since then. When patients take the time to understand how it works and compare it financially to their existing insurance, the DDS Plan wins every time. It offers things that insurance will never be able to.”

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