SWAT Police Officer / SpecForce CEO Inc. Todd Lamb Releasing Anabolic Finishers

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA — Former police officer Todd Lamb has retired to take over as CEO of Rogue Syndicate Inc.

In his role of CEO, Lamb, a former SWAT team leader, is focused on building the company’s flagship brand: SpecForce. Earlier Today, Lamb made a major announcement about Rogue Syndicate’s newest product: Anabolic Finishers.

“Rogue Syndicate under our flagship brand is releasing Anabolic Finishers,” Lamb said “This cutting-edge fitness product utilizes military research to unlock muscle growth potential and strength increases by as much as 290% in just 5 1/2 minutes. It is supported by Specforce Wave Loading Protocol, which utilizes a very specific scientific trick to allow your body to unlock the brakes, and allows you to lift more weight than you believe possible.”

Lamb’s fitness training products became wildly successfully in early 2015, skyrocketing to the top of the marketplace. The SpecForce Alpha Training System, a regimen based on the fitness, nutrition, hormone level optimization and behavioral science techniques Lamb learned throughout his remarkable law enforcement career.

Leadership traits and skills essential for an effective CEO come naturally for Lamb. In addition to his experience and accolades earned as SWAT team leader, Lamb also served the men and women of the police department in the role of Union President where he negotiated some of the best benefits ever seen by police officers in a collective agreement. Todd was also a canine officer who captured two Police Canine National Champions with his partner Police Service Dog, Rogue, the namesake of his company.

Despite the extraordinary demands of Lamb’s business schedule, he prioritizes a significant portion of time to support others in need of mentorship. Beneficiaries of Lamb’s pro-active charitable work include a girl who suffers from quad-cerebral palsy. With Lamb’s assistance, she launched a card-stamping business online. In addition to the business advice Lamb gives to young entrepreneurs, he also provides guidance to parenting and counseling service organizations in his local community.

For more information on Anabolic Finishers, visit http://anabolicfinishers.com

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