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Inspirational Coach, Desiree Aragon Nielson Talks About The Growth Mindset Established By Using ‘Not Yet’

Inspiring Business Consultant and Spiritual Coach, Desiree Aragon Nielson emphasizes the potential for learning and growth throughout life through the use of two small yet powerful words. Sacramento, California – April 2, 2018 – Desiree Aragon Nielson, Inspirational Business Consultant, Coach and co-author of the best-selling book, Ready, Set, Go!,… Read more »

Business Coach and Author, Ahmed Abdulbaqi, Talks About The Importance of A Wealth Mindset

Best-selling Author and Business Coach, Ahmed Abdulbaqi, elaborates on the importance of mindset over blind action allowing that training one’s mind is more productive than trying to cash in on the latest trend or money making scheme. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – February 19, 2018 – Ahmed Abdulbaqi, The Growth Coach… Read more »