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Author Dr. Andreas Boettcher Says Visualization Techniques Are a New “Must” for Businesspeople

International sales expert and entrepreneur Dr. Andreas Boettcher explains why visualization techniques are now necessary for all professionals, and how easy it is to start. SAN DIEGO, CA — Dec 30, 2014 — Serial entrepreneur Dr. Andreas Boettcher published a new article entitled “Easy Visualization Techniques for Sales Success.’” In the post, he describes the […]

Written by on December 30, 2014

Serial Entrepreneur Dr. Andreas Boettcher Says Solopreneurs Must Position Themselves for Professional Success

Best-selling author and sales expert Dr. Andreas Boettcher explains the importance of positioning oneself for professional success in a crowded marketplace of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and consultants. SAN DIEGO, CA — Nov 26, 2014 — Entrepreneur, author, and trainer of trainers Dr. Andreas Boettcher published a new blog post entitled “How to Position Yourself for Outrageous […]

Written by on November 26, 2014