Tax Expert and Advisor Barry G. Fowler, EA, Shares A Story Of A Person Who Failed To Seek Professional Help And Ended Up Having Wages Garnished by IRS

Barry G. Fowler, EA, leading expert in tax resolution issues and CEO of Taxation Solutions encourages taxpayers who owe back taxes to act quickly with professional help to prevent wage garnishing and levy on property.

Houston, TX – September 28, 2018 – Barry G. Fowler, CEO of Taxation Solutions, posted a new blog on the company website entitled “When The IRS Threatens To Garnish Or Levy Belongings,” in which Mr. Fowler urges quick action with the help of a professional.

Barry Fowler As Fowler makes very clear, “The IRS is not a government agency you want to ignore if they contact you officially by mail.” He continues adding, “If you have not paid your taxes and owe them money – especially a large amount and over an extended period of time, they will come after you. But they do it respectfully and clearly every step of the way. There will be no confusion about what they are going to do.”

According to Fowler, “Calling a professional and reputable tax attorney is the first and most advisable step. Failing to do that could result in a devastating mess.”

Fowler goes on to share the story of a person who apparently did not seek professional help and ended up in a desperate situation. As the person wrote, ““I’m being garnished. I was the perfect tenant been at the same apartment for 7yrs. I haven’t paid rent for the past 6 months, I don’t have any money. I put on 40lbs because I can’t afford to eat healthy food. I filled up my gas tank, so I could go to work $60 and had $88 left for 2 weeks until I get paid again. I make $20hr. I’m thinking of selling everything I own on craigslist and disappearing. I spoke to the IRS on the phone and told them I couldn’t live like this and her reply was “why not?””

Fowler states, “When you obtain professional help to resolve your bank levy, you show the IRS that you intend to cooperate in resolving your tax debt. We want to help you get the best outcome for your personal financial situation, not just what the IRS wants you to do.”

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About Barry G. Fowler, EA

Barry G. Fowler founded Taxation Solutions out of a genuine concern for the IRS issues his clients face, many of whom are self-employed, contract employees, or entrepreneurs. For his contributions to his profession and expertise in tax resolution and financial planning, Fowler has been featured as one of America’s Trendsetters on CBS and Yahoo, and as a Premier Expert in Inc. Magazine. He has been instrumental in helping hundreds of people resolve complex tax issues with the IRS.

Fowler is licensed to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, and is a longstanding member of several tax industry professional organizations: NAEA, NATP, TSEA, ASTPS.