Tax Resolution Attorney, Jeffrey T. Jones Advises Low-Key Behavior if You Decide To Be a Tax Evader.

Charleston, WV, September 24, 2015: Tax resolution specialist attorney Jeffrey T. Jones, founder of the Law Offices of Jeffrey T. Jones, and best-selling author of “Protect and Defend has posted a new article on his website entitled “Lessons To Be Learned From Ostentatious Tax Evader.”

Jeffrey Jones As Mr. Jones launches into his article he states, “No one really wants to pay taxes. Despite not wanting to, the majority of Americans do pay their taxes. However, some of the richest people create elaborate schemes to avoid paying their taxes.”

Citing the example of one tax evader, Jones writes, “This is the case with a businessman Mr. Nocito Sr., who according to a local Pittsburgh CBS station “owns a string of health care related companies that operate in numerous states including Pennsylvania and West Virginia.” The report says, “Nocito’s assistant is being accused of being involved in a tax evasion scheme that could top $250 million.”

“Who knows why people do what they do,” says Jones, “but if you’re not going to pay taxes, you might want to be a little low-key. Not Nocito. He built the largest house in the entire state of Pennsylvania. Nocito’s multi-million dollar mansion is a whopping 18,000 square feet and boasts a $237,000 pool and several luxury cars all of which were falsely reported on Nocito’s taxes as ‘business expenses’.”  Apparently the entire construction of the home, the swimming pool, a Rolls Royce, Chefs and butlers were also itemized as business expenses.

According to Jones, “the most fascinating and funniest part of this story is how the IRS came to discover that Nocito had not paid taxes. According to the same local CBS station, “A couple of federal IRS agents flying in and out of Pittsburgh on commercial airplanes saw the mansion from the sky and were blown away by the size and scope of the property and began asking a few questions. That was more than a year ago.” (

Jones adds, “This just goes to show you that the IRS is always on the lookout for ways of making sure they are getting their share. This is why quiet is better than ostentatious if you decide not to pay your taxes. “

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