The Commission Technician, Entrepreneur and Author, Mark Tosoni, Gives 3 Tips to Help Ring Up New Sales.

ORLANDO, FL– October 20, 2015 – Mark Tosoni, the Commission Technician, entrepreneur and author recently posted a new article on his website entitled “‘Lessons from The World’s Greatest Car Salesman Can Help You Ring Up Sales.”

Mark TosoniTosoni launches into his article writing, “Joe Girard is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s greatest car salesman.” He continues adding, “In the early days of his career in car sales, however, Joe struggled.” As the story goes, according to Tosoni, “It was through attending a series of funerals and weddings that he found out that, on average, most people know about 250 people. With that new information he reasoned if he did a bad job, he might never get a referral. Yet, on a brighter note, he figured if he did a good job he could build an empire on referrals.”

As Tosoni states, “Without a doubt, Joe had the motivation to build an empire. He knew it then and it holds true today, there is no magic quick fix pill to growing sales. I contend being a super star at sales is a game of mastering fundamentals and clearly the age-old referral is a fundamental not to be overlooked.”

“Recently,” writes Tosoni, “I read an article about Joe and learned of his achievements. Most impressive is the fact that during his 14-year career, “by himself, Joe Girard sold more cars than 95 percent of all dealers in North America.”

Tosoni asks his readers, “What if you could sell more of your product than your employer organization?” He goes on to provide three things Joe Girard did consistently that lead him to be the World’s Greatest Car Salesman.

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