The Commission Technician, Entrepreneur and Author, Mark Tosoni, Turns Emotions to Sales Success

ORLANDO, FL– November 30, 2015 – Mark Tosoni, the Commission Technician, entrepreneur and author recently posted a new article on his website entitled ‘Moving to “Yes”, Mastering Emotional Influence.

Mark TosoniAccording to Tosoni, “Human beings are unique among creatures in one major way and that is that we have emotion.” He continues with a question, “Have you turned on the TV recently and been asked to rescue a child a dog or another animal for only 18 dollars a month? The pictures used in these campaigns are a prime example of how to pull on emotional heartstrings. The photos as well as the tonality and the specific words describing “horrific” events are designed to move you to yes.”

Tosoni elaborates, “Emotion works when it comes to influencing human behavior. Logic is good for a business plan but not to increase sales.”

“The key” says Tosoni, “is to become aware of what I call BTD or ” build the dissatisfaction.” Case in point – at a time in my career I was full of struggle, I couldn’t sell a heater to an Eskimo and I was distraught. It was at this time that my mentor pulled me aside and invited me to part ways because I wasn’t pulling it off in our business.”

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About Mark Tosoni

Mark Tosoni is a sales success expert and a reputed master at selling and teaching others to sell alarm systems. With a career spanning over 2 1/2 decades, having built and sold 3 million-dollar-companies by age 40 he is currently running his 4th in the alarm industry. His success with these companies comes down to inspiring people to create a vision and purpose for their life bringing them into their highest potential. Mark is the go-to guy when it comes to developing six figure rock star alarm sales pros. He accomplishes this through his powerful ” sales success” group and one-on-one coaching. He has done over 2000 trainings throughout his career. He is considered by many the best coach and sales trainer in the alarm industry largely due to his psychologically based sales approach and what he calls the ” success triangle” which consists of your skill-set, your mindset and your God-set, along with a healthy philosophy of selling. Mark’s keys to success and making money are Hidden Sales Success Secrets he discovered, which when implemented, will create a bigger, fatter paycheck with less effort. By engaging in his coaching programs, Mark Tosoni can take your 5-figure paycheck and quickly turn it into 6 figures.





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