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Dr. Rita Lustgarten was recently featured in and other major online media outlets, including Yahoo!Finance, San Francisco Business Times, MarketWatch and many others.

San Francisco, CA – June 29, 2015 – A feature story about Dr. Rita Lustgarten, CEO & Founder of Women On the Leading Edge, Inc., was recently seen on as well as the other major online publications such as Yahoo! Finance, Press Enterprise, San Francisco Business Times, Los Angeles Business Journal, and MarketWatch, among many others.

Dr. Rita is CEO and Founder of Women On the Leading Edge, Inc., a Global consulting, leadership and business development company providing high level mentorship, business, executive and leadership coaching, strategic and brand consulting, professional speaking, Global Leadership Summits for Women of Influence, a Global Leadership Academy and transformational programs for high achieving women entrepreneurs, executives and business leaders.

As Global Leadership Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Transformational Leader, Business Growth Strategist, Seminar Leader, and psychologist, Dr. Rita has been working in the field of personal and professional development and transformation for over 30 years, playing a central role in the human potential movement. To date, she has been engaged in over 40,000 hours of transforming the consciousness of individuals, businesses and organizations.

Her Company, Women On the Leading Edge, Inc., is dedicated to causing transformation in the world through unleashing the unlimited leadership potential of women. The focus is on inspiring change through transformational leadership, innovation, high-level access, masterminding and mentorship, our Global Leadership Summits for Women of Influence and our Global Leadership Academy. “We believe this is a time for women to have the greatest positive impact on the world in the history of the human race. Our work is dedicated to furthering this realization. We support individual and global initiatives for creating and sustaining a better world,” explains Dr. Rita.

Through her Women of Influence Global Leadership Summits and Women’s Global Leadership Academy, she inspires women to reach unprecedented levels of success while making a difference and being a force for change in the world.

Her groundbreaking Women of Influence Global Leadership Summit, occurring this fall, November 5-8 at the Pelican Hill Resort, Newport Beach, CA, U.S.A. will bring extraordinary women business leaders, visionaries, philanthropists, and global thought leaders together, in a futuristic, creative & innovative environment. The summit will be an opportunity to be engaged in great thought leadership, provoking dialogue and cutting edge thinking, that has the promise of being both revolutionary in it s approach and uplifting in its impact, bringing forth a new paradigm for women’s leadership, business and success in the 21st century.

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More About Dr. Rita:

Dr. Rita is known as a modern renaissance woman, global visionary, humanitarian and thought leader. She is an inspiring and provocative speaker and a transformer and catalyst for change. In her coaching, mentorship, and leadership work she enters into a unique learning process that powerfully affects and transforms the business leader in such a way as to impact his or her ability to think differently, access new possibilities, and perform with extraordinary results. She is known for her rare capacity to engage with individuals, groups, and organizations from a place of embodied wisdom and holds the intuitive ability to get to the heart of the matter. She combines her years of insight into human dynamics with whole systems organizational thinking and business acumen.

Dr. Rita coaches, consults, mentors and trains executives and their teams. Her work focuses on uncovering human potential within organizations, providing embodied and engaged leadership development, with a specialization in women’s global leadership, organizational communication, strategic development, cultural transformation, and the creation of frameworks of global change for leaders and their organizations.

As a facilitator she has worked for many years with small and large groups in organizational and non-organizational settings, demonstrating a true gift for working with complex group dynamics. A synthesizer and integrator, she facilitates the emergence of new levels of understanding and creates new possibilities and openings for direction and action.

Through her many years of working with executives of Fortune 500 companies as well as many powerful and successful women entrepreneurs and leaders, Dr. Rita has a profound realization of the transformation required for women to acquire leadership mastery and become a groundbreaking economic, political and social force for inspiring change. She helps women transform their lives from the inside out, resulting in greater credibility, visibility, influence, global reach and income.

Her expertise is in women’s global leadership, communication, business growth strategies, conscious capitalism, the emergence of the Feminine in business and leadership practices and the application of transformational technologies to individuals, businesses, and organizations. As a mentor and teacher, she possesses a natural capacity to build universal capability and global networks of communication with her insightful understanding of the commonalities inherent in humanity. An advocate for the creation of collaborative partnerships and strategic alliances, Dr. Rita takes a powerful stand for women as the greatest untapped resource in the world.

Working successfully through the years with Fortune 500, 300, and 100 companies, along with a number of non-profits Dr. Rita’s client list includes Exxon, General Electric, Motorola, The Gap, Citibank, Smith Barney, Google, Williams-Sonoma, Chicago Tribune, and Lucent Technologies to name a few. An advisor for the past 15 years to top leaders in the financial world and the retail industry, she also serves celebrities and consults with companies globally.

Dr. Rita holds masters’ degrees in Clinical Psychology and Human & Organizational Development and a doctorate in Human Development & Organizational Systems with a specialization in Women’s Leadership. Awarded a fellowship for her outstanding work in the field of women and leadership and her concomitant contribution to a national initiative called Creative, Longevity, and Wisdom, a project of the Institute for Social Innovation, she is now spearheading a movement to transform the world through the empowerment of women as leaders and working with women of influence to collaboratively co-create a radically different future for our world.

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