Hypnotherapist and Wellness Advocate Jean Schoenecker featured on Bravo as Guest on Hollywood Live

Jean Schoenecker was recently seen on Bravo and A&E around the country as a guest on Hollywood Live

J Schoenecker Elm Grove, WI – May 23, 2016— Jean Schoenecker, a hypnotherapist and wellness coach, was recently featured as a guest on Hollywood Live. The show was filmed in Los Angeles, California in the penthouse of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, overlooking Hollywood Boulevard.  Jean was featured on the show, hosted by Jack Canfield, best-selling author and co-creator of The Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Jean was given the chance to share expertise in the business.

Watch Jean’s appearance on “Hollywood Live” here.

To learn more about Jean and her services, please visit http://jeanschoenecker.com or email jean.schoenecker@gmail.com

More About Jean Schoenecker:

Utilizing hypnosis to activate the body’s natural ability to heal and thrive, and life-changing biological products from Sisel International to support the healing process, Jean works with people with chronic conditions, as well as those who are health conscious.  She believes that integrating emotional, physical, and spiritual healing is key to helping people improve their health and their lives.



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