Jack DeGruchy Named Executive Producer on Upcoming Dreamer Documentary

Founder and President, Jack DeGruchy signs on as Executive Producer for the filming of Dreamer.

Kelowna, BC – May 20, 2020– Jack DeGruchy signed on as Executive Producer in a new documentary feature film from DNA Films®. The film will focus on encouraging current and future entrepreneurs to take the leap and follow their dreams to make a change.

Throughout the film you learn about influential entrepreneurs such as Giovanni Marsico (the founder of Archangel), Dean Kamen (engineer, inventor and business man), Lisa Nichols (motivational speaker) and Peter Diamandis (the founder of the X-Prize Foundation). The documentary will explore their stories, dreams, and the paths they took to make an impact. 15-time Emmy® Award winning Director Nick Nanton will direct this documentary to tell these incredible stories.

It is the hope of Jack DeGruchy, and the other producers involved, that this film will help inspire the entrepreneurs of the future to create big dreams and persevere through any obstacle to achieve them.

Jack DeGruchy joined Nick Nanton and his Emmy® Award Winning DNA Films crew for a day of principle filming in New Hampshire in late August 2019. He was on set for Nanton’s interview with billionaire Dean Kamen, know best for inventing the Segway.

Dreamer is currently still in production and is scheduled for tentative release in the late fall of 2020.

More About Jack DeGruchy:

Jack was born in Regina Saskatchewan (Canada) in 1947 and graduated from the University of Alberta in 1971 as a DDS fulfilling his dream of becoming a dentist. Shortly thereafter he moved with his wife and three children to Kelowna BC to begin his dental practice.

He partnered with a fellow and built J&J Dental in the Capri Centre. With the desire to expand he built Kelowna Dental Centre where he grew a multidisciplinary dental practice for many years, while also becoming the zone CDE representative for the Okanagan, and National Director for the AGD for six years.

Jack then moved on to build Westside Dental Centre where he decided to retire from dentistry and focus on 3D CBCT imaging and built CDI (Canadian Digital Imaging) where he remains focused on the future of digital imaging, printing, and its role in healthcare.

He is a member of the Rotary Club, Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, Do Some Good, and CEO of Hour4Our. His passion has led him to become involved in many local fundraisers and he loves to volunteer his time to community events and serves as board trustee at St. Paul’s United Church.

Jack is driven by the love of family, concern for the environment, and helping young people succeed and credits his grandmother “Ruby Gillis” as being the person who had the most influence in his life. Jack takes great pride in the fact that his father “Jack Raymond DeGruchy” and grandfather “John Graham Lindsay McGregor White” served in the Canadian Forces and fought for this great country in WW1 and WW2. He realizes the great sacrifices his mother “Peggy” made for him to become the person he is today.

Jack has always been a creative visionary and co-founded BioScan, a preventive medicine company to assess the physical, emotional nutritional health of clients and advise them how to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Out of this he created Conexus, which combined 2D and 3D to enhance the visual presentation of projects for people in healthcare, aviation, manufacturing, real estate, and environmental sectors to better communicate with their clients.

These dreams and visions of a better world moved Jack to create his current foundation called Hour4Our. His hope and dream is that everyone on earth would donate one hour of their wage (as a guide) in honor of someone special in their lives in order to create a greener, cleaner, healthier and more peaceful world to live in. Because the position of Rotarians is worldwide the funds will be distributed easily and efficiently to aid in the world wide efforts for safety, peace, hope and love for ​all humanity and species​ alike.

Jack believes that it is within us all to honor someone in our past and give back to society to keep this world beautiful and enrich the lives of future generations.

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 About DNA Films®:

DNA Films® is led by fifteen-time Emmy® Award Winning Director and Producer, Nick Nanton and Emmy® Award Winning Producer, JW Dicks. Dicks and Nanton have produced multiple award-winning films including Visioneer: The Peter Diamandis Story, Esperanza, Mi Casa Hogar and Jacob’s Turn. Their productions have won multiple Emmys and together they have been awarded more than a dozen Telly Awards for excellence in television and film production.  Combined, they have produced and directed more than 500 television episodes and dozens of films.

Dicks and Nanton’s goal is to bring amazing stories to the big screen as a means of encouraging and inspiring a new generation.



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