Leadership Coach James Bennett Says Businesses Must Minimize Employee Turnover to Stay Balanced, Successful

Toronto, ON — Jan 20, 2014 — FocalPoint coach James Bennett published a new blog post entitled “How Not to Let Turnover Knock You Off Balance.” In the post, he details the major financial impact turnover has on companies, explaining that much turnover is preventable by making smart hiring decisions and monitoring employee happiness before problems start to arise.

Says Bennett, “When somebody leaves your company, it makes more than an emotional impact — it can also have a big financial one, too. Although these days, more and more employees only expect to spend an average of 2 to 5 years in any single job, it’s still a business owner’s responsibility to minimize the amount of preventable turnover. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to keep business moving at a steady clip no matter what’s happening in HR, and most of it has to do with facing turnover head-on.”

James Bennett, business mentor and leader of the Summit Effect, helps entrepreneurs define and implement the brilliant distinctions that allow them to develop better processes, offer superior services, and expand their customer base so they can generate more revenue and have more fun. As a Certified Professional Business Coach, James helps small-to-mid-sized businesses across all industries, with a special emphasis on the technology sector.

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About The Summit Effect:

The Summit Effect is renowned coach James Bennett’s business performance consultancy. James’s years as a business mentor have allowed him to develop customized solutions that help identify why many businesses don’t expand their revenue base as quickly as they would like. Drawing from the framework of FocalPoint International Inc., the world’s premiere business coaching organization, the Summit Effect is the way business owners in Toronto and beyond learn to expand their customer base so they can generate more revenue and have more fun.


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