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Siou-Foon Lee was recently featured in and other major online media outlets, including Yahoo!Finance, Reuters, MarketWatch and many others.

Sydney, Australia – June 24, 2015 – A feature story about Siou-Foon Lee was recently seen on as well as the other major online publications such as AP Newsroom, International Business Times, Reuters, MarketWatch and Yahoo Finance, among many others.

For Siou-Foon, it is about the journey, not the destination. She believes that in our anxiety to succeed, we think so much about the destination we forget to enjoy the journey.

When Siou-Foon first mastered Fengshui two decades ago, her first master said to help people with her knowledge. She kept asking “Why me?,” oblivious to the bigger plans lined up.

After two years of indecision, a car accident changed her life. She recalls her husband’s words: “Your car has been taken off the road. What are you going to do now?” That was an ‘aha’ moment. She resigned and followed her passion.

Her Fengshui/BaZi career opened so many doors that would have never been possible if she stayed fully employed. She was propelled into the limelight. It was as if this had been waiting for her all along. She learned it is important not to question “Why Me?” but to accept it as “Why Not Me?”

Siou-Foon is now recognized throughout Australia for pioneering traditional Feng Shui and Chinese astrology. In 2011, she began sharing her Chinese philosophy and Eastern ancient wisdom by co-authoring three best-sellers with renowned author, motivational speaker and business development expert Brian Tracy and other leading world experts.

The foundation of this is her globally renowned Sydney, Australia based consultancy Feng Shui Innovations, which she launched in 1994. In the early years of her practice, she saw remarkable results in her clients’ lives. Her business grew so rapidly that she was forced to choose between lecturing and full time consulting. In addition to being appointed a professional trainer for the continent, the international organization she joined chose her to speak in Germany at the First World Classical Feng Shui Conference. She was also engaged to appear as a Feng Shui consultant for a movie on alternative therapies called “Romancing the Chakras.”

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