Modern Day Muse, Desiree Aragon, Focuses On The Relationship Between Artist/Creator and Muse

Inspiring Modern-Day Muse and Spiritual Coach, Desiree Aragon recognizes the importance of the Muse in all creative endeavors, citing famous Muses and those they inspired while acknowledging the role of muse in contemporary times..

Sacramento, California – June 18, 2018 – Desiree Aragon, Modern Day Muse and co-author of the best-selling book, Ready, Set, Go!, recently posted a new article on her website entitled, “As The Muse Muses.” Ms. Aragon recognizes the ever-evolving importance of the muse throughout history and in contemporary society.

Desiree AragonAragon writes, “I’ve been deeply engaged of late in thought about the Muse and how the role of Muse has evolved over the centuries.” She adds, “Once defined as, “a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist,” in modern times, a muse may just as often be a man as a woman.”

“In Greek and Roman mythology,” says Aragon, “Muse referred to, “each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences.” They were both the embodiments and sponsors of performed metrical speech. She further adds, “Besides music, the other areas presided over by the muses included Science, Geography, Mathematics, Philosophy, Art, Drama, and Inspiration.”

According to Aragon, “Whether through performing something beautiful or simply exuding physical beauty, the role of the muse is to inspire.” She continues highlighting some of the famous muses of the past who, “include Dora Maar, who inspired many of Picasso’s most recognized art. Edie Sedgwick served as Muse to Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan. Camille Claudel was the inspiration behind much of Auguste Rodin’s work. Helga was one of Andrew Wyeth’s most powerful Muses.” Aragon continues writing, “In the literary world you’ll find Zelda served as muse to F. Scott Fitzgerald, Fanny Brawne inspired John Keats. And, the power of a male muse is clear in the case of Neal Cassady who served as muse to Jack Kerouac.” She says, “Even Einstein had a muse in Mileva Mariç. The list of muses is endless.”

As Aragon points out, “It’s impossible to know when or if a muse will appear in one’s life. Likewise, it’s equally impossible to know if one will serve the role as muse.” She adds, “However, it is possible to consciously aspire to inspire others to their best and highest expressions both personally and professionally. This is the role I have been performing in service to a growing list of creative clients in a wide range of businesses.”


About Desiree Aragon:

Desi Aragon is the co-author of the best-selling book, Ready, Set, Go!, with Brian Tracy, and serves as a Modern Day Muse, based out of beautiful Northern California. She helps inspirational people tap into their greatness and see things in a remarkably positive light.

Desi is passionate about making our lives more joyful. She has an uncanny ability to pick up on subtle nuances, which allow her to quickly show inspirational people fast changes they can make to manifest bliss in their lives. It has always been easy for Desiree to lift up others so they can fully see and maximize their potential. In individual, group and large event settings, Desi has been a featured speaker at retreats and workshops for audiences in Asia, Canada, Costa Rica, and throughout the United States.

Given the public nature of the work completed by inspirational people, Desiree knows they are expected to be “on” all the time. Artists, authors, and visionary business executives are always being watched. And, they are frequently faced with the challenge of living authentically while sustaining their powerful influence. As a modern day muse, Desiree partners with these inspired people to process complex situations and newly emerging opportunities.

People are attracted to Desi’s strong ability to synthesize qualitative ideas while easily connecting with their ultimate intention. And, Desiree is attracted to inspirational people who desire to use their innate gifts to have a positive impact on our world. These factors make it Desi’s personal mission to provide inspirational people with uplifting dialogue so they can think and grow out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

Desi has been certified to train and facilitate top rated leadership programs, deliver difficult messages, and influence with power of persuasion. She is also a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Angel Therapy Practitioner. Desiree is a member of the Women’s Speakers Association (WSA), the National Association of Experts, Writers and Speakers® and the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

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