Motivational Speaker, Author, and Business Consultant, Doug Hanson, to Host New Online TV Show, Become Greater with Doug Hanson.

Doug Hanson, along with Emmy® Award Winning Producer, Greg Rollett and Ambitious® Media Group, who signed Doug to a Production Deal Last Year, Recently Completed Production of their Upcoming TV Show, Become Greater with Doug Hanson.

Katy, TX – April 3, 2018 – Doug Hanson, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Business Consultant, recently signed a production deal to create the first season of a brand new online TV show that was filmed in the Emmy® Award Winning Ambitious Media Studios in Winter Park, FL.  The show, Become Greater with Doug Hanson, hosted by Hanson himself, includes 15 episodes. The show affirms to inspire everyone, from leaders to employees, parents to teenagers, and business owners of all types to Become Greater.

Based on lessons Doug learned in his personal life, with his wife of 31 years and their four children, as well as his 25 years as a speaker, working with some of the largest organizations in the world, these shows provide practical tips and insights that will inspire and inform viewers how find greater joy in life while also achieving more than they ever dreamed possible.. The show will be distributed on Ambitious TV, available on Apple TV, Roku and Amazon as well as Facebook and YouTube.

Hanson was signed for this production deal because of his ability to inspire his clients from all walks of life, which makes him an asset to Ambitious® Media Group and will surely benefit a wide range of viewers.

“Become Greater with Doug Hanson”, is set to release in Spring of 2018.

About Doug Hanson:

Doug Hanson is a renaissance man in the world of motivation and business peak performance. He has entertained, delighted and motivated over one million people during his 25+ years as a speaker, giving over 1,200+ presentations in 15 different countries, including seven consecutive years at Tony Robbins’ Life Mastery University in Hawaii, and the NFL’s Super Bowl XXXVIII, where Doug addressed more than 10,000 employees, staffers, volunteers, and city officials at the NFL’s pre-game pep rally in Houston’s NRG Stadium.

Doug’s breadth of skills and services position him as a strategic resource for his corporate clients. He’s been called the Master of Motivation and the Ambassador of Ambition, but his favorite moniker is Transformation Coach, because he prefers the lasting nature of transformation. Doug teaches his clients that for motivation to last it must come from intrinsic drivers, not extrinsic perks or speeches. That everything we do and every decision we make is influenced by two primary drivers, our patterns of thought and our emotional state. Motivation from words or treasure is quick to fade, but an improvement in the quality of one’s thinking and their ability to influence and maximize their emotional state will change their life forever.

Doug is a highly sought-after speaker with a hilarious and engaging style that captivates his audiences.   In addition to keynotes, half-day, and full-day seminars, Doug helps business leaders create a high-performance culture through a combination of services including assessments, teambuilding initiatives, leadership training, skills workshops, and his one-of-a-kind online employee engagement platform called MetaMorePhosis®. His employee engagement system is easy to initiate and is based on his proven results around what he calls the 4 pillars of performance, Skills, Mindset, Energy, and Connection.

One thing that separates Doug from other premier speakers and consultants is that he does not force the same canned material across all clients and projects. Doug researches and tirelessly prepares for each engagement to insure his presentations and trainings align with each client’s unique business objectives and event themes.

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About Ambitious® Media Group LLC:

Ambitious Media Group is a media production company for entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals and ThoughtLeaders® who want to make a bigger impact in the world. They know that the way to create this bigger impact is by telling their stories, sharing their knowledge and distributing it directly to the people they can help. The company was founded by Emmy® Award Winners Greg Rollett, Nick Nanton and JW Dicks and has their headquarters in Orlando, FL where they host their productions, educational trainings and events.

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