Personal Injury Attorney, Eva Brindisi Pearlman, Promotes Awareness to Prevent Drowning Deaths.

Utica, NY, August 25, 2015: Personal Injury Attorney, Eva Brindisi Pearlman, partner at the Law Offices of Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi & Pearlman, has posted a new article on the law offices website entitled “Drowning Accidents are Heartbreaking, Yet Highly Preventable.” Nothing is more heartbreaking than losing a child in a drowning accident that happens from a momentary lapse of attention.

Eva PearlmanAs Ms. Brindisi Pearlman writes, “According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC), “From Memorial Day through Labor Day 2014, at least 174 children between the ages of 1 and 14 drowned in swimming pools or spas.” She adds, “According to the same report 112 of those 174 drowning victims were children younger than age 5. “

Pearlman urges mindfulness saying, “With Labor Day right around the corner and plans to take advantage of the end of summer warm weather, it is important to keep safety in mind wherever you may be. Whether boating or enjoying the many beaches around the lakes, rivers and seashores or in the backyard swimming pool, public pool or a fancy spa, safety must always be a priority.”

According to Pearlman, even though children under the age of 5 are more often at risk in swimming pools, “beaches have a much higher average drowning rate than pools. There are several probable factors for this, which include water depth and clarity, currents and bottom conditions.”

Pearlman provides Safety Guidelines from Pool Safety, a national public education campaign run by the USCPSc. As Pearlman states, “Their goal with this effort is to reduce the number of children who drown in swimming pools and spas. According to their website, “For the third year, the campaign is focusing on populations most at risk of drowning: minorities and children younger than age 5. 

  • Never leave a child unattended in a pool or spa and always watch your children closely around all bodies of water.
  • Designate a Water Watcher to supervise children in the pool or spa. This person should not be reading, texting, using a smart phone or be otherwise distracted
  • Learn how to swim, and teach your child how to swim.
  • Learn how to perform CPR on children and adults.
  • Keep children away from pool drains, pipes and other openings to avoid entrapments.
  • Ensure any pool and spa you use has drain covers that comply with federal safety standards, and, if you do not know, ask your pool service provider about safe drain covers.


According to Pearlman, “The end of summer does not mean an end to possible drowning incidents. Indoor pools and spas pose threats year round. Do everything you can to prevent the heartbreak of losing a loved one to a drowning accident.” She adds, “Be alert! Learn how to swim! Teach your children how to swim! You’ll be so happy that you did!”

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Ms. Pearlman moved back to Central New York in 1997 to join a family practice founded by her father, Louis T. Brindisi. She is currently practicing law as a partner at the law firm of Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi & Pearlman, LLP.

Ms. Pearlman practices in the field of civil litigation, with an emphasis on personal injury law. Ms. Pearlman has handled thousands of civil cases and has secured millions of dollars in settlements for her clients, many of which have been won through participating in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as mediations and arbitrations.

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