The Home Environmental Medicine Show with The Incredible Gregory R. Hunter, is now streaming on Ambitious® TV, and Apple TV.

Takoma Park, Maryland – June 25, 2018 – The Incredible Gregory R. Hunter, specializes in Intensive Cleaning and Home Environmental Medicine services, and recently filmed his first season of The Home Environmental Medicine Show with Emmy® Award Winning Producer, Greg Rollett, and Ambitious® Media Group.

The Home Environmental Medicine Show’s first full season of 13 episodes is now available to stream on Ambitious® TV, the major over-the-top streaming app Apple TV, and online on Facebook and YouTube.

Host, Gregory Hunter specializes in eliminating indoor contamination and neuro-disruptors from the environment of patients who receive in-home care. He also shares his industry insights that help inform you on the ways in which you can improve your health by focusing on the composition and activity of the atmosphere of your home. Gregory Hunter’s business, Hunter Cleaning Services, brings their intensive cleaning expertise to homes that put the patients, caregivers, and other inhabitants at serious health risk. This includes improving the home environments of people who experience behavioral disorders like compulsive hoarding, infestations, and people with ambulatory or debilitating conditions.

Home Environmental Medicine, is the new paradigm in the healthcare industry that triggers the chemical releases in the brain that play a huge role in the function of the systems of the body. Gregory Hunter uses the space and surfaces in a person’s home to create an environment that optimizes a person’s physical and mental health. Environmental Medicine goes far beyond a deep clean, with a focus on the visible and invisible harmful elements present inside the home.

Best selling author, Gregory, affectionately referred to as “The Incredible Gregory Hunter,” (Mr. Incredible for short), is the Founding Owner and CEO of Hunter Cleaning Services, of Takoma Park Maryland.

If you would like to learn more about Gregory Hunter and his services, connect with him at:
or text your inquiry to 240-398-3882

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